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At a wedding feast

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  • At a wedding feast

    I took some pic of my nephew at a wedding feast.


    I couldn't use a settings are about this.
    (F number=3.2, Shutter Speed= 13/1 sec, White Balance=Auto)

    As you see, in the layer pallete below, I've adjusted its brightness and contrast with mask. Then because his face looks somewhat flat, I made an adjustment layer with mask for face contour.

    By the way, strange to say, his appearance is not to my fancy after retouching. His cute appearance has faded a lot.(I know this is so subjective ^^;;

    # additional question : Which way do you prefer in this case
    I mean the top right corner distracted my eye.
    *Clone Stamping or Cropping?

    Any suggestions and critics would be welcome.
    p.s. If you need original one, please let me know.

    Sorry. I fixed the link. ^^;;;
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    I get an error when I try to open your second link...


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      hello people.. my first post of this forum (So Happy this place exists - "Pro restoration artist")

      OK.. I am currently at home and can not judge colour on my setup but would have to say i like the detail you brought back into the picture - like in the eyes - however feel magenta in the highlight takes away some of the warmth in the picture. Being dinner time i would retain the warmer highlight of a lightbulb light room to bring back that feeling you feel its missing.

      And i like the recrop better :P


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        Leah : I've fixed the link.(broken because of 'typo' ^^;;
        Revilo : Thank you. I am going to change its white blance.

        Thanks a lot. And feel free to make more critics and suggestions. ^^