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    Hi everybody! I've recently upgraded from PS Elements to PS 6, and am totally blown away by all the goodies. I've started experimenting with the concept of photo art and would appreciate any critiques offered. I'm hoping to do some work similar to others I've seen where a photo of a person is placed in an artistic, surreal environment. This image is enhanced in just about every way. I tried to smooth the skin, added some hair, changed the color of the lipstick, and changed backgrounds.
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    Original image

    This is the original image.
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      Greetings, Marty:

      Congratulations on taking the plunge. You've certainly done some major manipulation here.

      Photo-art is a pretty loosely defined. One slice of the pie is taking a photo and attempting to make it look like a sketch or a painting of some sort. Another is to take a photo and separate it from its "normal" surroundings and place it against a surreal background. Then there's collage, a completely different take on things. In any event you have license to create anyway you like. If you (and more importantly, "the client") likes the final result, no one elses opinion really matters.

      I'd say your skin smoothing, lipstick color change, hair and eyebrow manipulations look pretty convincing. Ditto for the background. The work you did on the nose is dramatic and nicely done, too. Ya gotta be careful in that regard. If you'd going to be doing this sort of cosmetic surgery for "paying clients" (or even relatives), you'll definitely want to be sure they're on board before making such drastic changes.

      Anyway this is a great way to get started. Continued success.

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        Thanks Danny

        thanks for the kind words. Yes, the manipulations are pretty heavy on this photo. It's basically a practice piece for me to experiment with. When it comes to clients, I plan on setting up a structure similar to one I've seen elsewhere. it might even be a member's website. The photo retouching is grouped into levels ranging from basic to 'fantasy'. The client has an idea of what to expect from the level chosen. The posted image would probably fall into the fantasy category.


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          I like the new background and her neck part. I haven't any critics for now. ^^ Good job.