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restoring old photos

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  • restoring old photos

    I have been trying to restore old family photos for some time. Most of them are dated from late 1800's until the 1950's. Here is a sample of what I am doing. Since I am learning, I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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    I don't believe the picture posted so here it is again.


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      Hello Rawessence. I think you did good job to reviving a photo. Good contrast and skin tones.
      By the way, I think this image is a little small to examine the small part by part. What about upload original scanned image and retouched one? I mean 'two resized attached images' with two threads or two linked image in a thread.

      I'm just curious what is that behind that couple(right side in the frame. It's got more darker to look almost black to me(partially because of my monitor setting???).
      I think replacing that stuff(if it is not meaningful object)
      with trees will bring more neat image than making it more dark...usually blurring the background is a easy and quick way)

      p.s. Two buttons is undone in the image...I have no idea whether have to button up digitally or not.


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        Welcome aboard! Wow! What a difference! Very good work. You've done an excellent job in bringing out detail, and the coloring is great. I'd be a little reluctant to remove the background if it has any significance whatsoever. Now to nitpick!! The gentleman's right hand seems to be overdone a little (blurry). Possibly you could use a layer mask to correct it? It's hard to say too much with a small pic, but it looks like you might have lost just a little detail in the car in the background. Checking the channels might enable you to bring out *more* detail. If you could get enough detail in the car, that could be a good indicator of the time period of the photo. That's why I wouldn['t remove it too quickly. It looks to me like you have something to offer the rest of us. Stick around!



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          re: church clothes

          Thanks for the comments, suggestions and encouragement! You are right, I think I did overdue it on the hand. (smile) I believe this picture was taken in the late twenties or early thirties. I have attached the original scan so that you can see it better. I will try your suggestion with the layer mask and see if I can obtain better results. Thanks again!


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            I know this is an old topic but can you tell me which program are you using for this? Isnt Photoshop the best program for it?



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              Best program..

              HI! I use and prefer Photoshop as it is the industry standard.