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  • Hello and Critique wanted

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this post belongs here or in the Challenges forum, but I'll start here.

    First of all, I'm a newish member who has been lurking in the shadows admiring all the wonderful talent here for a while, and I've just gotten up the courage after seeing how positive everyone's comments and attitude are to take a shot at some of the challenges. I'm relatively new to PS, but I absolutely love it. I've been messing around with it for about a year here and there, but not really devoting any real time to it. I feel I have an eye for art, but have trouble getting the image in my head onto the screen, if that makes sense. I'm learning so much reading through the forums and tips and every time I have free time I try to take in another tip or tutorial.

    I hope to become more of a regular poster, and when I feel I've earned my place, maybe I'll throw in a critique or two here and there. I feel now as an outsider that I want my first impressions to be positive and not "Hey it's good but your fleshtones are way off, try doing this or that"

    Anyway, I've posted some entries into the challenges section, and I would LOVE to hear honest critique back from this group. I would really love to learn to use the PS as the tool it can be, so hearing feedback will help me know where to improve.

    I look forward to hearing your comments, and hopefully getting to know some of you better.

    Wonderful site!! Links to my challenge entries are below


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    Thank you for coming out of the closet. Your talent is top drawer. Although, there may be better renditions posted on the statue..your's sucked me right into what is she thinking? You can't hide any longer. You're good. BE OUT THERE!!