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  • Harrison Ford Retouch

    As you see this is my first post on this forum. I'd like to show you my latest photo retouch.
    Any crits would be nice,
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    That's actually kind of disturbing seeing someone regressed like that . The only suggestion I would make is maybe to put back a bit of the smile line/cheek crease/whatever you call it on the left side of his face (the right as we look at it). My eye just kept getting drawn to that patch like it wasn't quite right, and maybe a bit of a crease would help? Otherwise, outstanding!


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      Darn I'm getting old - even Harrison Ford is too young for me now

      Good job!!



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        Superb job on making Harrison look like he is 23. However, here is my challenge to you. Harrison walks in and wants his picture retouched and suitable for framing. How are you going to handle it? Keep in mind, he doesn't want to look 23. Hint: Make very minor changes. My opinion only, minor changes for men, slightly more for women. Welcome aboard. I know we're going to see a lot more from you.



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          Welcome to RetouchPRO.

          A marvelous job. I'm sure Calista (his squeeze) would appreciate equal treatment.

          Hope you not only continue to post surpurb examples of digitial cosmetic surgery like this one, but share some of your methods and thinking process as well. Great stuff.



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            To me it looks like your intention was to make him look younger, and if that was your goal, it was done masterfully.

            I don't think Harrison would walk in and ask for that, but you acheived the look I'm assuming you were going for.

            Good Job and welcome.


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              Excellent work. The only thing I would note is that, as we age, our nose and ears get bigger. So, in your regressed version they look a bit too large.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                Everybody's suggestions were great. Especially the cheek crease.

                But you just gotta leave in his chin scar. It's his trademark.

                Beautiful work though.


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                  Thanks all of you.

                  Especially Leah for suggestion to put back a bit of the smile line and K. Johnstone for pointig out that chin scar is Harrison's trademark.
                  As soon as it will be possible i'll correct that mistakes

                  Once again thnks all of you for replying


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                    Pretty darn good. If it was an unknown person things like the scar wouldn't be a give away on the retouched photo. However I think the texture on the lips is a bit wrong. Pretty much anyone on the south side of 40 that doesn't work in the sun full time has much smoother lips. At least from what I've retouched.

                    Couple other small points but I think I'd pass them by unless I was warned ahead to watch for them.



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