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Newbie Here--Fixin' that Shine!

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  • Newbie Here--Fixin' that Shine!

    Hi everyone!
    I just downloaded a trial version of Photoshop Elements about a week ago so I'm definitely a novice (I'm still trying to decide whether I should get Photoshop 7 or one of the other more advanced versions though). Anyway, I've been practicing editing some pictures and I was wondering if folks could give me advice on a picture I just "fixed". What I was trying to do was get out the shine and blemishes from my face and my fiance's face, and also take the red out of my fiance's eyes. I basically made a new layer, colored over the shiny spots with a sample from a nonshiny area near the shine, and then reduced the opacity of the new layer to about 60%. I don't know if the result looks natural enough though, and I'm also not sure if I could have done it a better way. Any suggestions? Also, feel free to edit the picture if you want. I don't mind.
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    Hi Tracinda. Welcome Aboard!!

    Personally, I think you've done a very credible job. There's lots of different ways to do things. Spend some time in the tutorial section. You'll learn a lot.
    I don't know a lot about Elements but if you're new, it's priced right and does most things big brother does.
    To your picture, the only thing I picked up on was that there may be too much reduction of light on your forehead. I think darker skin naturally reflects light more.



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      Thanks Duv! I was wondering about that because when I was trying to reduce the shine it seemed as though the light really didn't want to go away! I kept having to add color to my forehead to mask it, but I think you're right--it seems a little too "dull" or opaque...or something! I'll work on that!


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        Often a good quick fix if you think you may have made something too flat is to take your retouched layer and put it over the original at around 90% opacity. That can add in just a little of the original shine/texture/whatever and can make a retouched photo look more natural.


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          I don't know if this is an improvement over what you did but I did a quick fix with PS 7...

          - Reduced overall saturation of image with hue/saturation adjustment layer
          - Used sponge tool to desaturate red in the eyes
          - Used brush in "darken" mode to reduce shine
          - Used brush in "color" mode to subdue red cast around man's nose and lips
          - Created layer with "hide all" mask to apply slight gaussian blur
          - Painted mask with white to slightly blur some skin areas
          - Applied curves layer to adjust tonality
          - Used healing tool to eliminate some blemishes

          Some of these techniques may not translate directly to Elements.
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            Hi, for a first timer you've done a really good job. I think the colouring is possibly a little heavy handed, but that's purely a judgement call, and your opinion is as valid as anyone's on this. I enclose a quick attempt I did on your image. As well as Photoshop 7, I too have Elements 2, so I used this to do the touch up. I coloured both figures on different layers to allow flexibility in adjusting opacity and blend. I also brightened and sharpened the eyes on the female face, and whitened the eyes of the male figure. Lastly I added a layer set at colour merge about 80% to the female face to even out colour tone.
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              A rather extreme application of un-Clipping.
              Plus some general healing of the young lady´s forehead and nose.

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                Hi Ro, nice job on the picture, thanks for the link to your tutorial, very informative and another new technique for me to try.


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                  Excellent Tutorial

                  Ro, your technique and methods, your writing style, and your delivery in the timely tutorial are absolutely wonderful. Anyone and I mean anyone from rank beginner to the most advanced could follow it. It was clear, concise, and easy to follow. Your expertise is obviously a 10+++.



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                    Thank you, Janet.
                    The first tutorial is like the first post. Takes a bit of courage, but then it's fun all the way!!
                    (got a whole load of tut's lined up)