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    Hi Everyone,
    I'm a beginner at this so please be gentle with me. I work with photoshop elements 2 along with Richard Lynch's hidden power tools. I have just scanned in an old picture of mine to try my hand at cutting out and altering the background. I would like some feedback please ( Am I on the right track or not).
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    You did a great job of replacing the background.
    My only suggestion would be the color of the background. I'm not sure what sort of look you are going for, but I think a different color would make their skin look better. Perhaps something like this?
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      Thank's Vikki,
      Having seen your work in lots of posts I take that as a compliment. You're quite right, in that your choice of colours are much better suited to the subjects.Just glad I didn't mess up the upload,it will give me more confidence to participate further in the forums.


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        Just one thing Albert, the images are a bit small to really see any detail in, is this due to original image size, or have you just resized them for a quick upload. If the latter, try to make them a little larger for future posts please.
        But your work looks good as far as I can see, I agree about the background colour, subtle is best.


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