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  • My 1st critique request

    Im posting my first request at some feedback from all you qualified people here at retouchpro. Ive asked people with no background that work around me but I need some qualified commets. So here goes...

    The original is just a snapshot of the picture because my scan doesnt do it justice as to the shape it was in to begin with. The final version is obviously my restoration, of which I mostly used the clone tool. Although I did use some adjustment layer masks to make the exposure blend in a little more. With one ALmask I did use it to make the girl and the water pop out a little more from the background. And I cropped the image a bit to not have to deal with the very bottom of the picture which was extremely overexposed with little detail. Just wanted to know what everyone thought.

    And if its ok, the other picture I posted is one Im trying to restore for the same person, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on where to begin. The amount of mold (i think) is quite heavy.


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    OK... Ill post the 1st reply. Why are my attachments so big?! What did I do wrong in saving them?



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      Hi Cedwar,
      You sure put a lot of work into your restoration. There are just a couple of things that are taking away from an otherwise great job.
      The image seems to have a lot of artifacts/noise. Possibly from your method of repair?
      Have you tried Neat Image? Which software and version, are you using?
      The other thing, which I see a lot, is the drastic change in contrast. I think less contrast would look much better. It would preserve the shadow detail (that's hidden now), avoids blowing out the highlights, and keeps the "old" look to the photo.

      You also got some work cut out for you in the next image too! Start by looking at the different channels to find one that has the most detail and the least amount of damage. Convert that to grayscale, and go from there. You really should check out Neat Image.

      You're attachments are big because this site does not reduce them. You must do that yourself before you upload them.


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        Hi Vikki...

        Im downloading the demo version of Neat Image right now, Ill check it out.

        I think Im more used to adding contrast to pictures because I manage a Photo Lab and I print pictures all day looking more contrasty than old pics. I have to keep in mind the era the pic is coming from and not stray too far.

        Im using version 6.0 of PS and probably much of what you are seeing is my attempt at fixing the pic with the clone tool. I recently purchased Katrin Eismann's restore and retouch book and am now wishing I had version 7 or higher. I could really use that healing brush and patch tools. Im trying to save up the get the CS suite. Anyway, Im not sure how else to fix rips and tears other than the clone tool at this point. Ill try your suggestions and see what I can do.

        Btw... I saved my files for uploading using the Save for web option in PS and can get them under 100K but dont see where to resize them for viewing on one screen.

        Thanks for the feedback,



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          Just a note, while you're saving for CS, you can download a full working version to try, for 30 days.

          I think you will find the artifacts and noise will look a lot better when you decrease the contrast. I know what you mean about current photos having more contrast vs old ones. I see a lot of retouching where it appears that the goal is to try to make the photo look like today's type of photos, and it just doesn't look good to me. Often times too, due to lack of skills or time, it's used in an attempt to hide bad areas.

          I think you'll really like Neat Image.