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little girl...what can I do?

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  • little girl...what can I do?

    I shot this image on Sat and love it....i did a simple b/w but wondered if I should do any more? My retouch skills are very limited....any words of advice or ideas would be appreciated. THanks so much.

    PS- I did a lab color b/w ....not sure the best b/w conversion? what do you think?
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    What a great shot Tracy. Love the low angle. In the Black and White, the little girls shoulder looks way overexposed. You may want to try selecting her, inverting, and lightening the rest of the picture.

    Here's an idea I use a lot. Select the girl in the original, invert, and run a white to transparent gradient at about 25% opacity from top to bottom. Keep doing until you are satisfied with the amount of light. Go into Channel Mixer and convert the background to greyscale. The girl's hair and the lovely blue in her dress might really pop against the black and white backdrop.



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      I found a tutorial that might interest you. You'll find it here
      You may have to register for free. But there are some great tutorials there. I used this one on your photo.
      I think your b/w creation is good, but i wouldnt consider myself a good judge at least not for a long time to come
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        Good job on this, I like the flower girl in black & white.

        Sometimes converting to black & white through lab goes a little lighter. I tried it through lab and got the same lighter results. The method I picked as being the best is also the simplest (not always the case ...

        -Create solid color adjustment layer - set color to black
        -Change solid color adjustment layer to Color blend mode

        Hope you like it,
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          Hi Tracy, What a great shot, I've had a play with it as follows.

          1. Copied Original to 2 new layers.
          2. Took top layer and did an extraction on the little girl.
          3. Took second layer, desaturated and inverted, set blend mode to soft light.
          4. Took Background layer and desaturated, then adjusted levels.
          5. Went back to top layer and adjusted levels and reduced saturation.
          6. 2nd layer adjusted opacity to about 70%.

          Oops, just read the other replies, seems I had a similar idea to Duv, sorry Dave, did'nt mean to plaguerise you.

          Just one last idea, have done an eliptical selection, inverted to select corners, feathered by 20 pix, and darkened using levels. Not sure whether this improves it or not, but added it anyway. By the way, if I had time, I'd clone out the woman on the far right of the shot, this would improve composition.
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          Gary Richardson
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            wow, thank you so much for all the different ideas. I am going to try the tutorials and play guys are great.


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              Definitly no offence taken Gary. You're contributing terrific posts. Keep them coming!



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                What I tried...

                Brightness/Contrast adjustment with contrast -3 (just to help with some of the highlight clipping).

                Selected skin areas of women in background and used Curves adjustment layer to lighten them slightly.

                Add two Channel Mixer adjustment layers. Bottom one: Monochrome box checked, Red +100%, Green +100%, Blue -100%. Top one: Monochrome box checked, Red +33%, Green +34%, Blue +33%.

                Then painting with black on the mask of the bottom Channel Mixer layer using a very soft brush at around 30% opacity gradually mask out the white dress. Build up until it looks right.

                I also cloned out the woman on the right as Gary suggested.
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                  Hi Tracy,

                  This is a terrific shot. I personally like your conversion because it lightens the older women in the background and thus brings more attention to them. In my opinion, when one sees this shot for the first time, the ideal movement of the eye should be first to the older women, and then to the little girl. That seems to follow the story of the image - i.e. 1) the women are obviously delighted by something; 2) that something is the little girl; 3) because her back is to us, what could it be? As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this image certainly is a superb example of that.

                  Regarding technique, this type of image seems to required a "localized" B/W conversion strategy using color channels. I would select the older women in the background and channel balance them seperately from the little girl. Then work on the little girl. That way you can more effectively manage the highlights and shadows in each part of the image.

                  Congrats again!



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                    Hi Larry,
                    Thank you very you know of a tutorial w/localized color channel manipulation where I can learn? I am very much a beginner. When you say select does that mean I should cut out the women in the bg? I had a problem w/color cast also. As you can see the dress is a bit blue but should be white...? should I deal w/that at the same time as the color channel issue?


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