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Retouching Using Corel PhotoPaint

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  • Retouching Using Corel PhotoPaint

    I thought I would post this photo and get some feedback. I did this job on a PC with Corel Photo Paint. I adjusted the exposure first then went to work with the clone tool. There isn't much more to it. I left many of the cracks in the plant areas. the client was given an estimate 0f 2.5 hours. I was told to finish the job in that time.

    What do you think?
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    You did fantastic for only 2 and a half hours work. Looks great.


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      Exceptional job. You preserved the images historical content and did a wonderful job of bringing out detail . Tom


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        Very nice. I'd like to see a zoom-in on his overalls front. That's the only thing that seems noisier than the rest, and makes me curious (as a a customer I wouldn't care)

        What was the client looking for, a straight restore? I'd love to see it with a dramatic sky, but that's not strictly restoration.
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          I really like it


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            Excellent use of time, that's for sure! Nice job.



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              Great job!! Like Doug, I probably would have tried to make the sky a little more interesting. However, given that you had 2.5 hours, you definitely did the right thing by focusing on the subject first! I'm VERY impressed! -Jeanie


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                This is really excellent. Did you get rid of all those scratch/gouges with the clone tool? And if you have photoshop, how would compare the two programs for fixing this kind of damage?


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                  I really don't want to get into a debate about which is better. But for cloning PhotoPaint is the easiest. Right-click is pick up image material. Left-click is lay image material down. By holding down the Shift key and click-and-drag you resize your nib. So cloning can be done very fast in this program. I went to school and learned Photoshop and used it for many years. My present job Used Corel products because the programs are alot cheaper.
                  I really have not found a big difference between the two programs. Things are just in diferent areas. I would definitely tell someone who is thinking about getting into this field to buy Corel first. Don't spend the big bucks until your sure of what you want and know what you need.


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