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What do you think of my retouching?

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  • What do you think of my retouching?

    I work in the digital production field, working for a high end portrait studio. I am looking to fine tune some of my skills. I also would like to start doing some freelance work for professional photographers.
    I am still struggling with knowing how far to go on some images and how to find clients.

    Just so that you know, all work is color corrected first by the photographer I am currently working with and then I do spot color correction.

    I'm really excited to know what you think!
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    Hi SarahHevelin,

    Welcome to RP!

    I think your corrections are very natural looking and very well done!!!

    P.S. I just moved your Thread to the 'Critiques' Forum as here it will get the attention you wish ....


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      Hi Sarah, nice work. I have a slight problem with the first image, as in my opinion you have lost all the skin texture of the girl. This can be replaced by overlaying a copy of the original on the finished image, then adjusting the opacity of that layer till the texture you want appears. (Her original skin was far too textured for a finished image.) Finally, erase parts of layer where you don't want texture from original. My dislike of smoothed out skin is a personal call, and many here will not agree with me.

      I know that her chin does not have texture and there is a change in tone, this is due to your original post having a discrepancy between before and after image sizes. Also, I have emphasised the skin texture to illustrate the technique. For a finished image I would tone down the opacity a bit more.
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        Thanks for the good feedback. I am going to look at the chin closer to see if I can start to visualize and fix what you are seeing.

        The image I have up has low resolution probably why it looks like it doesn't have good is a part of her skin blown up so that you can see the texture. What do you think of this? I was trying to get really good skin texture, because it's something i'm really sensitive to in other peoples retouched images.

        What special tools does everyone have for creating good skin texture?
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          Skin looks much better than in the other pic. That's the trouble with the 100k file limit (loss of detail), although it's obviously necessary in order to keep site bandwidth down.

          I personally would still like to see a little more texture, although as I said before it really is a judgement call, and will depend on what you're trying to achieve, who you're aiming to present to, etc. etc.

          The comment about the chin was to explain my own rendition of your image. I took a quick copy of the girl from the original, and on the image you posted, the girl on the left was cropped closer than the finished image, so I did'nt have the original texture to overlay on the chin area. Because I only did a rush job to illustrate technique, I did'nt bother to texture the chin area. I merely mentioned it in case some of the many eagle eyed observers here noticed the discrepency in tone and texture on the image I posted.
          Last edited by Gary Richardson; 02-02-2005, 12:35 PM.


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            Like Gary, I have a personal dislike for what I call the 'plastic look' a picture takes after having been overly smoothed, blurred, etc.

            I always try to get a 'as natural as possible look' in all my retouchings/restorations maintaining texture and even grain .... But, like Gary said, this is just me and my taste ....

            Photoshop is just a hobby for me, so, whatever I do with it, is according to my taste only and not bound by any fashion or glamour rule ... But, I've also learnt that trend and end purpose are very important when you do something professionally .... After reading and doing an extensive Internet research before posting on this Thread, I realized that 'glamour' magazines etc. just want it 'beautiful' ... whatever that means ... The myth of the 'flawless' skin' and perfect body has reached such heights that even the 'super-models' complain they can't keep up with their 'retouched selves', and often, unretouched celebrities shots are used as if to make celebrities feel ashamed to be and look like mere human beings....

            All this to say that after my trip into 'glamour' retouching and agreeing with Gary, seeing your work and, in spite of the 100KB size limit, recognizing your efforts to maintain skin texture, I still think that it looks very natural and well done...


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              Very Well done. Like every one is saying look and colors are in the eye of the beholder.
              good work


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                Overall, a very nice job! The one little thing that really jumped out at me was Angela's foot. Stretched as it was, some nastly contouring was introduced. Just a thought.

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