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Photo Manipulation - Halloween Costume

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  • Photo Manipulation - Halloween Costume

    One of my manipulations, for my son near Halloween of this year...

    Took 3 (tripod) pictures with my trusty Canon G1:

    1) Buzz with helmet shut
    2) Buzz with helmet open
    3) Aidan in the same setting (same lighting)

    I subtracted 1 and 2 to get the reflective highlights on the helmet.

    I pasted Aidan's head from 3 into 1, and overlayed the highlights (masking out those highlights not actually over his face, since they're already visible in the underlying image).

    I added shadows under his chin and to the lower half of his face (burn tool, airbrush).

    I added plastic reflection and refraction look to the top of his hair (gaussian blur, smudge tool, brightness/contrast).
    Fun stuff!
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    fun stuff indeed! pretty cool.

    don't exactly understand what you mean whe you said <I subtracted 1 and 2 to get the reflective highlights on the helmet.>, tho I can kind of infer.

    want to do something of this nature for my niece; looking for appropriate princess-equestrian photo or illustration to insert her into.

    i bet aidan thinks you're endlessly powerful and cool, as he should.


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      Very fun. Well thought out.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Good job - looks very realistic!


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          Ditto on the realism; outstanding job Tim! I bet your son just loves it! Now you will just have to get him the real Buzz uniform for Christmas!



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            Thanks, guys...


            The two Buzz images were subtracted by putting the top layer in 'difference' mode and then merging them. The resulting layer, in 'screen' mode, put the reflections over the pasted-in face.

            Here's a closup, with a portion of the screen disabled. You can also see more of the details of the hair-through-plastic effects, which I was rather pleased with.

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              i'm glad i asked because that's not what i was guessing. i have almost never used difference mode, new concept for me. thanks! and i agree, the plastic-distorted hair is really neat.


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                That is sooo cool. I bet your son was thrilled to become Buzz Lightyear. You did a fantastic job putting him in that suit and making it look real. Can't find anything wrong with your results. Great job!!!


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                  Great Job Tim,

                  I bet your son thinks that is so cool, the reflections truly made it very realistic looking. Next thing is he will want you to put him into outer space!

                  I have practically learned photoshop and other photoediting programs doing fun projects just like the kind of project you did here.

                  They have brought a lot of laughs from my son and his friends, although it's not too hard to impress a 6 yr. old.

                  If you want to take a peek at a few go here

                  Again great job Tim


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