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  • Painting suggestions wanted

    Hi, I'm looking for a little help on a recent project. Attached are the original image and the painting I am working on. The painting will be output on canvas at 16 x 20 (my image files are higher resolution of course). The problem is that the face still looks too photographic. I can't make this abstract as they want a detailed portrait.

    I'm wondering if I should add colors to the face (ala Jeremy Sutton - ) but I'm not sure what colors to add or where?

    Is the overall color scheme ok?

    Also open to lots of other critiques and suggestions. Feel free to manipulate images and post as well.

    thanks for the assist,
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    First, you didn't mention the program(s) you're using. You mention Jeremy Sutton (very Painter oriented), but don't want to assume. Photoshop? Painter? Are you a PC or Mac user?

    Thoughts on your challenge:
    * I would definitely isolate her from the background of the original pic (way too dark and undefined). Perhaps put in something fairly plain. Doing so puts the focus on her. I chose a medium brown. Browns seem to be pleasant w/o being obnoxious.
    * Detail vs. abstract: See comments below.

    re: Jeremy-type color selections / highlights
    * The rule of thumb is complimentary colors, e.g., the opposite side of the color wheel. That said I haven't come close to consistently figuring it out myself.

    re: The fine line between "too photographic looking" but "don't make it look too abstract"
    * Believe me: As I struggle to learn how to do these types of manipulations myself, I run into that with just about every one of these I try. I ususally use some combination of these applied to a copy of the pre-processed Background, i.e., in your case a layer with the subject isolated onto it.These filters/plugins give an arty look (simplify/reduce detail) without completely leaping into abstract:
    - Photoshop Dry Brush
    - Xero Caravaggio (can be installed with Painter or PS)
    - KPT Pyramid Painter (comes with Painter IX)
    I add layer masks to each of these types of layers, enabling me to selectively apply the effect.

    After the Photoshop prep work, I jumped over to Painter and used the Chalk > Square Chalk brush to clone colors over the original. Then I started switching between paint and clone mode (same brush, engaging/disengaging the clone color button on the Color palette) in order to select lighter colors from the image and paint/blend them into the shadow areas.

    Back to Photoshop for a little sharpening and application of a slight canvas texture to simulate the results you will get with the canvas print.

    Also: I'd highly recommend you post your before/after in the Gallery forum here:

    A number of accomplished (and much more experienced than me) "convert photos to paintings" artists hang out there whom I'm sure could give you some useful advice.

    E-mail me if you'd like more details on this. Good luck. I hope this gives you some ideas.

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