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  • Critique on the website?

    Hi all,

    Yesterday I launched my new website and would love to get some feedback on it:

    What do you think about the design and the photos of course?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I didn't know where to put it otherwise!


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    my pennies worth

    Hello Patrick

    I like your website very much one thing that i saw you need to do is you need to add a hyperlink or a mailto hyperlink on your contact page, for instance some people don't know how to copy and paste so they would not email you, yes they could write it down, but not many people do that these days, if you had the hyperlink for your mailto address then on your contact page if a person was to click it they would get to email you straight away.

    Other than that hun keep up the good work!



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      Splash page

      First of all, congratulations Patrick.

      On the "splash" page, put a little identifier/description of what your site is all about. At least your "audience" don't have to guess what it is.

      It took a long time for me to see the crest. I'm sure you don't want to turn away those that are still using the dial-up modem. Maybe you can decrease your crest's file size. It's 178kb.
      Last edited by soleah; 05-29-2005, 06:49 PM.


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        Did you make some website changes since starting this thread? I quite like the look of the wood! Looks terrific.

        My website is a work-in-progress. It loads rather slow, but I'm not willing to over-optimize everything. I figure the internet won't "bring" me much business, so I'm not afraid of offending dial-up surfers by my slow pages. People will go to my site because they see the URL on my business card or because they hear about it. In other words, my site is their destination and so they will likely have more patience than the average web surfer who is Google searching for a retoucher.



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          Hi Ken, yeah I have made some changes, the problem about the metal-design was quite simple:

          The metal look bases on lighting and size depth and so on, wood is plain wood, it's more unique and if you design I think the most important thing is to have a COMMON look and feel the whole site through, try to make every button and every line look the same, horrible...



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            Hi Patrick,

            I love what you've done so far. The only suggestion I would make is to put buttons to move through the images in your gallery. At the moment you have to use the back key and then click on the next image. It would flow better if you had "Next" and "Previous" buttons I think.

            It's looks great though


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