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Using HDR software on a single image

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  • Using HDR software on a single image

    Well nothing new here but I found this fairly interesting. The first photo is a shot at the camera's (Nikon D7000) exposure. The second photo is the same photo but this time filtered with Nik Efex Pro. The third is a composite of 7 photos using exposures of -3,-2,0,+1,+2,and +3. and blending them with Efex Pro
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    Re: Using HDR software on a single image

    Hey Phil. I've been doing HDR effects with one photo for ever with Color Efex Pro 3 using the Tonal Contrast setting. I use a bunch of actions I made with Pixel Benders Oil Filter or Redfield's Perfectum along with the Tonal Contrast and they work great together. I've tried all the other HDR programs and Color Efex Pro is my favorite. Great software.



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