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    This is a copy of an email I received a couple of days ago.
    I am asking that additional people consider helping with this project.
    thank you


    There's no need to respond to this email, I just want to update you
    all about where we're at in the distribution process.

    I had hoped to begin distribution today (Wed 5/03), but to say that
    we have been swamped is an understatement. During the whole week that
    we intially spent in Pass Christian, MS, we gathered 500 photos from
    around 50 or so families.

    On Monday here in Metairie, we collected that many in a single day.
    Yesterday, we collected from 43 families.

    Today, we have collected from (best guess) 70 families. We still have
    nearly an hour to go and people are still coming in. This is by no
    means an accurate count, but my gut feeling has me thinking that
    we've already collected around 1,000 photos since Monday. We still
    have two days to go.

    Anyway, that's the quick update. Thanks to all who responded in
    readiness. We'll start distributing soon, but with the way things are
    going we may have to wait until we close up shop here at the end of
    the week.

    In the meantime, I'll keep you all posted.

    Dave Ellis
    Operation Photo Rescue
    [[email protected]]

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    Hi Pepperphoto.

    A lot of us already are

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      Hi Ken,

      Yes, I am not surprised.
      RetouchPro is were I heard about this many moons ago and there are great people willing to help out here.
      I just thought I would put out a reminder and let newer people know also.
      take care


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        Operation Photo Rescue

        Originally posted by pepperphoto
        Yes, I am not surprised.
        RetouchPro is were I heard about this many moons ago and there are great people willing to help out here.
        I just thought I would put out a reminder and let newer people know also.
        take care
        Thanks for bringing this up again, Larry, as I missed it the first time around. I have emailed them now and hopefully can be of some help in the next round of distribution. It's such a wonderful cause they've taken on. It's great to see that so many have donated their time and skills as well.



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          as a new rtp guy i did not know. thanks... volunteering my help as well.



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            Just as a heads up they would very much like a sample of your work so they can match your skill to their needs.



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              Anybody heard anything since the email?

              I got this email last week, but I haven't heard anything further. Anybody else?



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                got the same notice email

                but I have heard nothing from them since.


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                  I sent an email to OPR asking about the distro, as I hadn't heard anything after the initial inquiry either. Dave Ellis replied that they were working feverisly to process the 'hundreds of new volunteers' that had arrived while they were collecting the photos! That's a good reason to be behind! I would really like to get some photos though and get started. I started reviewing Katrin Eismann's book and working on her images. Then I found this site on her web site. RetouchPRO is great, and I can see that I will be spending a lot of time here!


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