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Cleaning a 40 y.o. Polaroid

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  • Cleaning a 40 y.o. Polaroid

    I could use some tips on this one. It looks to be a 5x7 color Polaroid about 40-45 years old.

    I've enhanced the dirt on this pass:

    Polaroid suggest cleaning the film off of a print with mild vinegar. Has anyone done this? What do I recoat the image with as the emulsion beneath is very fragile?

    For me, too much color information is gone but I could turn it back into a nice sepia image.

    I've my share of restoration work but I haven't had to deal with this much dirt and this is my first old Polaroid.

    David Weaver

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    Re: Cleaning a 40 y.o. Polaroid

    could you provide a untouched photo please


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      Re: Cleaning a 40 y.o. Polaroid

      Ummm...I added some blue to better show the dirt and damage. It does a better job of showing off the smudge coating.


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