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What was that old photo process called?

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  • What was that old photo process called?

    Very old photo that looks more hand drawn and colored by hand except for the faces. Image is on stiff cardboard. I used to know the name of this type of process but have forgotten. Its very old .....

    any ideas?

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    Re: What was that old photo process called?

    Sorry to respond so late. Actually, many were hand sketched, then lightly hand painted. The faces were always better, as that was their expertise. Plus, they did not have much time to do the sketches, so the face received most of the effort. In fact, many times the faces were really sketched, without caring what clothes the people were wearing. The artist drew in his own interpretation of their clothes to look formal.

    If it is an actual print, it could still be a number of styles. I would suggest you review the most common image types at the Library of Congress website (here). That may point you to the right style much faster.


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