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  • burnt stuck photos

    hello , my name is brucewsr,and im looking for help or advice on seperating stacks of photos, that come out of my home that burned down last aug. some peeled apart, but most tear, some i tried soaking in tap water,can someone offer me some advice on how to separate them please, thank GOD my family got out , and but anyone who knows about there home burning down , the priceless memories of pics or sentimental items is usually second to people and pets,.......please help.....i didnt have insu, and was still working on getting disability, from the 4th disc in my back i hurt after 30 years of i cannot afford to pay someone to restore them if thats possable........

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    Re: burnt stuck photos

    my name is brucewsr i just posted about how to get burnt stuck together pics apart, the most important ones is of my family ofcoarse, but i have one stack from the 1979 Texasjam at the cotten bowl in dallas tx of Van Halen, Boston, Heart, sammy hager, TKO,.....i tried soaking in warm water but they still tried to rip , any help we be greatfull.


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      Re: burnt stuck photos

      Hi Bruce,

      welcome to RetouchPRO!!

      I've moved your thread here hoping you'll find the help you need.