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Long-term storage of framed photographs

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  • Tony W
    Re: Long-term storage of framed photographs

    Probably best to remove the photographs from the frame and store the frame seperately if needed.

    I think it would be preferable to store individual prints within an archival paper folder and the folders within an archival box such as Solander
    Solander box

    Acid free paper and boxes

    General info

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  • juliewood
    started a topic Long-term storage of framed photographs

    Long-term storage of framed photographs

    A friend asked me for advice, I told her I didn't know the answer but I knew who to ask. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

    "Advice pls. I have ended up with all the old giant family framed pics Mom had. I must shove them in my attic. The heat and possible moisture - not to mention the critters we pretend are never there - will not be kind, I know. But, no one wants them. I can't trash them. Is there anything I can wrap them or store them in that MIGHT be better than nothing?"

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