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Newbee needs expert on Melainotype image

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  • Newbee needs expert on Melainotype image

    Hello forum, I have been a collector of 1850's 60's photography. I know quite a bit about tintypes and glass images but not about restoring. Lately I have been digging up some that needs to be restored or maybe they are too far gone. My first question is I would like to show someone on the forum that has quite a bit of knowledge of the history of the dag and tintype process. I have an image that I might want to publish but needs some expert advice on dating the image of a famous person. Thanks Bill

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    Re: Newbee needs expert on Melainotype image

    Hi Bill!

    Welcome to RP!!!

    Sorry for the delayed answer ...

    Unfortunately I can't help you, but I'm moving your Thread to the History, Conservation, and Repair Forumhoping you'll find somehelp over there..


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