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  • Date of photo?

    This photo was found in an old house in the southcentral region of Pennsylvania (Adams County to be exact). I'm presuming the family owned the house in which they are pictured. There was only one owner from 1870 until 1940's. The older gentleman in the middle, if he is the owner, would have been around 67 years old in 1900. I was assuming the photo to be about 1910 from other genealogical research I've done, but just not sure!!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or if more details are needed, please let me know.
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    Re: Date of photo?


    As well as the costumes people are wearing - the size of the photo; what is on the back of the photo (i.e. if it has the photographers name or if it is a postcard) can also give you clues as to its age. Also the type of photographic process used is also an indication.

    Roger Vaughan from the UK has an excellent website with lots of examples of the different styles of card backs. He also has extensive examples of Victorian and Edwardian photos. This is a link to dating a photograph .\\ Gwain Weaver (photo conservator) has a chart on his website that you can used to help you identify the photographic process.

    Just looking at the costumes your estimate seems about right, but if you have access to other information you may be able to pinpoint the date a little closer.
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      Re: Date of photo?

      Thank you JoReam, I will check the other sources you suggested.


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