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    Thank you Juliana for that link. It clearly addresses the ethical issues and practices of restoring and preserving historical images and documents.



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      Hi Juliana,

      As much as I love a philosophical discussion of ethics, this has already been pretty well covered here.
      However that thread didn't end up drawing up a hard set of rules like these. Although these "rules" seems pretty much common sense, I'm not happy with the wording of number 3.0.3 which considers as an example the mirroring a whole half face to be OK. As anyone on this site who has dabbled in restoration will know such a technique will serve only for portions or items of a face.


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        Never possible to cover everthing I guess.
        I got the impression from the read that parts may be drawn from an older source (back when we had to do it by hand ) I've had to shoot, print backwards and do artwork on the very thing they mention...but there was not much of a choice but to do it that way then. They may still want to address the methods of those of us who still do work by hand.

        That very thing is one of the things I am loving about PS by the way

        But hey they said they welcome comments

        ""The sponsors seek comments on these guidelines so that, over time, they may be improved, clarified and grow with the technology and industry thought.""

        I thought people might like to give them some, as a community we may have some good things to offer them. Just like I found some useful ideas in thier materials ...eveything is just food for thought

        And thanks for the link to the other thread...I think I will never get through all the material on this site unless I do not sleep for a week



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          Originally posted by Juliana Ross
          And thanks for the link to the other thread...I think I will never get through all the material on this site unless I do not sleep for a week
          ...going to take a lot longer. I've been around nearly a year and it seems I haven't even scratched the surface!

          It would be really interesting to hear some views from some more retouchers around here.


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