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  • pdf to jpg

    What's a good way to convert a pdf to a jpg image? Print out and re-scan,or is there software for this? Thanks!

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    Re: pdf to jpg

    Open in Photoshop, Save As JPG or even Save for Web.
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      Re: pdf to jpg

      You should ask third time. May be you will get a different answer.


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        Re: pdf to jpg

        If I were you, I'd use Illustrator to open the PDF and pull the bitmapped image out. That can often be copied and pasted into a Photoshop document.

        If you need the WHOLE pdf (including the vector art and such), then open in Photoshop and make it very high resolution.


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          Re: pdf to jpg

          If the graphics are small or none-existent (i.e, text), definitely same the result as PNG; can actually yield a smaller memory size than even jpeg. Many programs can open PDF files as jpeg, including GIMP. Save as PNG and you're set.


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            Re: pdf to jpg

            Here's a GIMP example that I just did.
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              Re: pdf to jpg

              You can try or Use Photoshop to make jpeg like what Doug Nelson said.


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                Re: pdf to jpg

                For me works good but if you don't want to send your PDF to a third party, or if PDF is large, then use any free conversion software like


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                  Re: pdf to jpg

                  Using Photoshop can work well.
                  You might consider using the PNG format as an alternative.
                  Use export setting in Adobe Acrobat.
                  Use Automator to make a workflow and attach it to a hot folder.


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                    Re: pdf to jpg

                    Really very informative post , thanks all .


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                      Re: pdf to jpg

                      As others have correctly stated, just use Photoshop. But do take care to pick both the size (resolution) and color space you want for this conversion!


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                        Re: pdf to jpg

                        Ok, thanks everybody! Going to PS is only too easy, I just didn't know it. Thanks again!


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                          Re: pdf to jpg

                          This post surely will give you some idea on this


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                            Yeah, open in Photoshop and save the format you need or use online converters


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