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Correcting overexposed whites areas

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  • Correcting overexposed whites areas

    How can I correct this photo that is overexposed? The white areas are totally lacking in detail and "blown out". When printing, there is no ink at all on the paper, it looks really bad. After scanning photo, I've tried adjusting levels, color cast, brightness, highlights/shadows and nothing seems to help. I'm figuring if the original photo is overexposed, there isn't much I can do to retrieve detail that isn't there. Anyone have any ideas? See sample attached.
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    KBS ...

    I think you have already answered your own question

    If the image has blown out the whites as it certainly appears to have done, then unfortunately there is not much one can do ... You cannot (effectively) pseudo manufacture detail as you said ...

    I take it you do not have access to the original ... was it negative, slide or digital?

    You mentioned you scanned it .... so I'm assuming this was of a print ...


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      Thanks for the reply Gary. Yes, this photo is an actual print which I scanned on an Epson 4180. I was able to remove a blue cast and correct some shadow problems with it, but that "white glare" remains. If I'm not mistaken, on digital images, I can set a different white point (is that right?). Unfortunately, the photos I get from customers are almost always originals.


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        hi kbs,

        i had a look at your pic. those areas are indeed 'blown out'. there is no data left in any channel. just the white. i dont have PS, but i suspect it might rely on some data being there for that set point thing to work.

        so, i didnt even try. i cloned. i just borrowed existing fur to make new in those blown out areas. the first picture is nothing but cloning. no other treatment at all.

        the 2nd picture i altered the contasts a bit, the colors a bit, and did some more cloning and a curves adjustment on just the upper part of the nose.

        if you have any other pictures with that same dog in it, you could clone from that other one onto this one and maybe get a better look.

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          Very well done Craig. I big improvement over the original pic.


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            thanks, jaime

            i doubt the colors are as i have them, but using what was there was what i got. copying from another example of the same dog would help.