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Help w/wedding photo? Please?

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  • Help w/wedding photo? Please?

    Could someone please take a crack at this and tell me what you come up with? I have never had such a difficult time making a color correction to an image. It would be a great photo of the couple if not for the ugly tinting.

    I am familiar with both Photoshop and Paint shop Pro. I am grateful for any help or suggestions anyone can provide.

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    Welcome to Retouch Pro. I would be happy to help you but I think you forgot to attach the file showing the problem.


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      I thought I had that photo attatched but I don't see it.
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        Looks similar to Retouching Challenges five and seven
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          Here's what I got after about 2 minutes work so you may want to take more time to get it better than that but you get the idea.

          Go to the Channels Palette and activate the blue channel. It should look real dark. Go to Image > Adjust > Brightness/Contrast and adjust the brightness and contrast untill it looks more normal. Reactivate the RGB channel and bring up the Layers Palette.

          Now add and adjustment layer of Color Balance with midtones marked and adjust the levels til it starts to look more normal. Mine was showing levels of -44, +20, +10

          Now do a levels adjustment layer and choose the green channel. Adjust the right arrow left to the base of the histogram. The levels should read some where around 0, 1.00, 247

          That should help you some and like I said, it was a quick fix so you may tweek it even more.
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            While this isn't severely backlit, it still might be helped by using a mild version of Katrin Eismann's technique for correcting backlighted subjects. The thread discussing it is here.
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              I used the steps for the knight.jpg on page 86 of Katrin Eismann's Photoshop Restoration and Retouching, then use the iProfessionalColor filter to balance the colors. Less than two minutes to complete. I am sure if you took more time you can get it better than what I did.

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                A lot of problems like this can be fixed with colour corrections with Levels or Curves. There's a complicate fix that involves Apply Image, but it's tricky.
                Here's a link to a site with a simple explanation of how to fix the problem in this pic with Levels. It's well within anyone's grasp.


                If you look at the channels in the wedding picture, the blue channel is the big problem. You can see this in the histogram.
                If you follow the tutorial on this site then you should be able to do a decent job of fixing the picture.
                After fixing the picture with Levels, try duplicating the background layer and changing this new layer to screen mode and reduce the opacity of the layer to whatever you think looks nice. The result will look something like the picture I've attached, more or less.

                Good luck,

                ps. Learning the levels adjustment fix from the link will save you a lot of headaches in the future
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                  Beautiful, Mig. Thanks for the link.


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                    WOW ! This is what I was looking for. Thanks so much for everyones help, I was afraid it was beyond salvage. Time to get to work I guess.


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                      here's yet another version...........

                      been working on some macros to address just this sort of thing...still working. Can't yet tell you what I did exactly---a lot of fiddling--but nothing too radical.......

                      I still need to sift out the operations that are essentially meaningless.

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                        That's a winner for sure. I basically did a quick color adjust to demonstrate that the photo wasn't a lost cause but you took it through the whole gamut with excellent results. Great job!


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                          Go easy on me, I'm new to the board and just a rank amateur when it comes to image manipulation. This was my attempt at correcting the image. According to my wife it looks pretty good (at least on our monitor).

                          Now hopefully I can figure out how to attach the file properly!

                          I simply added an overall hue/sat adjustment layer and desaturated yellow. Then I selected the skin tones and added another adjustment layer to reduce the reds. Then a quick adjustment layer for brightness and contrast. Took me about 10 minutes overall and that was mainly the skin tone selection.

                          Whooops, blew the attachment!


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                            Welcome aboard ItzRandy. Yup you're a true member now because having problems uploading files is a pet peeve of us all. Don't give up we are eager to see what you did. And believe me when people think they have little to offer, that is usually when they contribute alot whether it's something they have picked up that even seasoned vets have no knowledge of or maybe it's a question they ask that has us all looking for answers. You'll find we don't always have all the answers either but we do try to help.


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                              Okay, let me try this again .... and thanks for the "Welcome Wagon" DJ!

                              I've figured it out! If you preview your post, you have to reload the image from that screen!
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