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Help, over exposed on one side

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  • Help, over exposed on one side

    I had an old camera and the film cover wouldn't close all the way sometimes and you can see the result. Dose anyone have any suggestion?
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    Last edited by nitehawk; 09-26-2005, 08:48 AM. Reason: having problems uploding picture

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    Levels Adjustment Layers

    I used a levels adjustment layer with a gradient to increase the contrast on the right side of the picture. On top of that I place another adjustment layer. I then made a stamped layer by using the command/Option/shift/e key (Mac) and started over.
    I copied the stamped layer using multiply blending mode and a layer mask to darken the lower right corner of the photo. I copied that layer again.

    Above that I created a new layer with overlay blending mode and filled the layer with 50% grey. I then painted that layer with white to brighten up mother.

    I then "Stamped" a new layer and finally copied the stamped layer in overlay blending mode and ran a high pass filter on that layer to sharpen it.

    I did some cloning on the right side of the photo.
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      Here is my version and workflow:

      1. Duplicated the background layer
      2. On this layer, I created a graduated mask and set the blending mode
      to Multiply
      3. Duplicated this layer again (background copy 2)
      4. On background copy 2 I ran another graduated mask, but slightly
      different, covering the woman more, set the Blending Mode again
      to Multiply
      5. Made a luminosity mask Alt+Control+~, copied this to a new layer----
      6. On this layer set the blending mode to Multiply
      7. Made an Empty Layer, Shift+Control+N, set the blending mode to Soft
      Light, with a soft black or white brushes at 10-30% opacity paintd over
      light and dark areas to enhance contrast.
      8. Merged Visible-----Shift+Alt+Control+E
      9. Made another Empty Layer and with the Healing Brush set to Replace
      made new trees, water in the background.
      10. I made two more Empty Layers, one set to Overlay and the other to
      softlight and painted over trees, rocks, highlights and shadows to taste.
      11.Merged Visible, Smart Sharpened.

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        Thank you both

        Thank you for your effort and guideance. I'm new at working on this type of problem and can use all the help I can get.


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          Looks great Phil, not familiar with stamped layer, can you please explain? Or is that also known as a 'merged copy'?


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            Merged Copy

            I believe that is the same as a Stamped Layer. I got the word "stamp" from the photoshop help files. At any rate it puts all the info into a new layer.


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              Thanks Phil


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