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    Hello. Due to the death of my grandfather recently, I have gotten a hold of some old photographs. I have been doing some work on them. I thought I would post an example here of one I have been working on. There are 2 links below - the 1st one is before. The 2nd one is after. I used Ulead PhotoImpact to remove some tiny black dots.

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    Welcome to Retouch Pro. Sorry about your loss. The photo is a nice legacy depicting his life.
    You did a very good job with the photo. I think it's a great photo and I like how the names give a personal feel to the photo. Makes you want to jump back in time and see how they lived.


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      Hi Scw 1217,

      I am sorry for the loss of your Grandfather. My favorite childhood memories are of those times spent with my grandfather. You did a good job on that picture and it is such an interesting one. Guys and their dogs! I loved it.



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        Sorry bout your loss The photo is a great one, shows and nice restoration job, the new photo looks a lot smoother.


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          Sorry for the loss of your grandfather. That is a great photo, and it seems to be in fairly good shape. I visited your website for a short time, and I was very impressed with your work. The black and white photos are excellent, but I didn't have a lot of time to check out all the others. It's for sure, I will return. Glad to have you on the site.



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            What a great photo. It looks like you put a LOT of work into that, and it turned out great. How did you go about removing all those dots?


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              Hey Suzanne,

              Glad you found your way over to retouch, were any of the people in the photo your grandfather?



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                Thanks everyone for the comments. No, my grandfather is not in this photograph. This photo was before his time even.

                Here is a photo of him that still needs some work (though I do have better ones). He was in a Model A Ford at about 1930.

                BTW, I removed the dots using Ulead PhotoImpact 6. I zoomed way in and took my time.