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  • Critique or suggestions please

    This is a image of my wife that was badly water damaged with a pretty good amount of color shift.
    I need some input on this please.

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    Hi Mike,

    I think you've done a nice job on the restoration. Because the image has yellowed badly, it has lost some punch. To my eyes, it could use a little more contrast. I think I would lighten the whole thing just a tad, and lighten the dress quite a bit. I think that would make it look a little better, but that's just an opinion coming from one without a whole lot of ability. Keep up the good work.



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      Her right arm doesn't look right. Everything else looked good to me but that arm kept drawing my attention. Nice job overall Mike.


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        Originally posted by Sharon Brunson
        Her right arm doesn't look right. Everything else looked good to me but that arm kept drawing my attention. Nice job overall Mike.
        I agree with you on the arm, thats one of my "no talent" areas.."L"...I'm not good at rebuilding hands and fingers.



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          Hi Mike
          I think you did a wonderful job. That was a pretty messy area to fix. Ed had a good suggestion that you should beef up the contrast a bit so she stands out better. Then, as to the arm mentioned by Sharon, sometimes you can steal an arm from other baby shots (doesn't have to be from shots of that baby) and blend it in there to replace the bad one. That's what I would try to do. Over all, I think you handled this restoration very well.


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