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Loss of detail in Photo

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  • Loss of detail in Photo

    I've been working on an image (physical size 2 X 3), scanned and enlarged to 5 X 7 at 600 dpi. It's a picture of 3 kids together, brothers and sister. The facial details are really scant. The only channel with much detail is the green, and the blue is a mess. I've replaced the blue with the green, but I'm still not happy with the faces. I've used multiply as well.

    I will process the image in greyscale as an option, but I would really like to present this to the client in color. I've read Katrin Eismann's section on sharpening and tried several methods. Is there a point where you just give up on the missing elements??

    This is a sentimental photo for my client - one of her brothers has it's special.

    Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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    I don't suppose you could upload an example of the photo you are talking about? It's hard to really picture the whole problem other wise.
    Sometimes the details in real small photos just isn't there to begin. You may have to settle for a smaller finished size.
    You can hand color the image but I don't know if that is an option for you. It doesn't sound like you're going to get any easy answers on this one.


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      If preserving the color is necessary, you might try masking the faded portions, duplicate to new layer, set blending mode to multiply or overlay, which ever brings out the best detail, dulpicate this layer and try adjusting the opacity to get a better result, use the color samplers and levels to tweak the result. If color isnt vital you could try this;
      (1) mask the faded areas
      (2) duplicate to new layer
      (3) go to calculations and set source 1 to layer 1/ set channel to green
      (4) set source 2 to; layer=background/ channel green
      (5) set blend mode to multiply and set result to new document then press "OK".
      You will have to change the mode from multichannel to greyscale then to RGB and finally touch up blend any tonal fringing with clone tool and adj. with curves. At this point you could recolor the photo...just a thought...good luck... Tom


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        lack of detail

        Thanks for your suggestion. I did try calculations and got a pretty good result in greyscale. I have not tried to recolor yet, but I think it will be my best bet, since the copy restored in RGB just doesn't look "crisp" enough to suit me. I have worked quite awhile on this image..longer than some that looked much tougher to begin with. Again, thanks for your reply.


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          If you find yourself doing a lot of those enlargement type jobs, you might want to jump over to the "Hardware" section and check out the threads " Stereo micorscope Camera" and "Blow it Up".... Good luck on the project...Tom