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  • Help to Remove Discoloration

    Hello All,

    I would love some suggestions on how to remove the yellow discoloration from the center of the picture. I'm having difficulty getting the colors to match the area not yellowed from light. Any other suggestions you are willing to give are also greatly appreciated.

    The picture is very special as it is a one of from my Mom and Dad's wedding. Their 35th anniversary is this June and I would love to be able to give them this photo fully restored to its original beauty.

    Thank you,

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    welcome to RP.

    this is not my forte', but i gave it a shot. i started with an elliptical selection, on the inner portion of the image.feathered out to 29. i then ran a color balance adjustment layer on this. this basically creates a color mask. i made my adjustments based mostly on luminance and not color to start.

    i then inverted the selection on a new layer and did the same to the outer portion of the image, balancing and matching as best i could to the inner. this being done with another color balance adjustment layer.

    once the two were fairly close to each other i began a process to lose the mismatched section between. this was mostly push and smudging.

    after that i did a global color balance, this time concentrating more on color than luminance in order to get her colors correct.

    then it was a matter of fine tuning and fixing small things like damage and dust on the image. i also ran a digital camera noise removal and a clarify for contrast and definition.

    i wasnt quite sure about the part of the veil that attaches to the hair. there seemed to be some damage there, but part of it i was unsure, i faked it as best i could

    there's always a ton of little things i do on these, most of which would take a video to show completely, but the basics were the selections/masks of the inner and outer portions to balance them up, blending the two areas (especially the transition area), and then fixing up the rest of the image including the global color balance.

    hope that helps.


    edit: and typically, now that i've posted it, it looks like i've got a bit too much blue in the overall, but that's fairly easy to correct. i'll do that later.
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      Remove Yellow

      Kerry, there are a few quick ways to remove the yellow. These include Hue?Saturation adjustment or an advanced blending layer, or selctive color range, or selective image adjustment. However, the one I used here is a s follows:
      - Convert the image to LAB mode.
      - Ctrl M to bring up the Curves Adjustment Dialog Box
      - Select the B channel only
      - Place a few lock down points on the lower half of the curve so that it doesn't move when you do what comes next
      - Flatten the upper part of the curve so that all the points are set to 0 to coincide with the X axis
      - Convert the image back to RGB Mode.

      Having removed the yellow, I would then do a Hue / Saturation adjustment or a Curve adjustment if you want to make her skin tone warmer. I did not do anything else other than remove the yellow and adjust her contrast a little.
      Regards, Murray
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        I made and eiliptical margee tool with a loose feather over the discolored oval and applied Selective Color and a Hue/Sat adjustment layers. Also selected parts of the dress and skin and applied Selective Color adjustments. Empty layers set to Color and Softlight blending modes. I replaced the background using a gradient and adding noise, Neat Image and Dust and Scratches filters.



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          Something as simple as colorization would work fine too. Then again, there's always the possibility of airbrushing, channel mixing, etc.


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            OK, finally.
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              Hi Kerry.

              Welcome to Retouch Pro,

              Here is what I did.

              Duplicate the image and set blending mode to multiply
              Levels adjustment to get centre correct
              Selective levels to lighten edges.
              Layers set to lighten and darken to paint out the ‘rim’
              layers to colour
              Neat Image and sharpened.

              There is still a lighter area at the top of the background but I think that may be on the original,

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                Thank you All!

                Thank you all for the quick replies. I went ahead and tried all the great suggestions and actually used several methods at once. I still have some final tweaking to do with this but I am much closer to where I want to be thanks to you all. Feel free to critique my work. I'm kind of new to this and I love feedback.

                Thanks to klassylady for the compliment to my mom. Congratulations to you for 32 years of marriage. I hope I'm as lucky as you and my mom have been one day.

                Thank you again,
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                  Well nothing new here

                  By selecting the bride and copying her to a new layer correcting the photo became much easier.
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                    CameraKen I think you did a superb job. Looks just like wedding photograh. Kerry, I like yours too. Nice and sharp and good contrast but maybe the color just slightly to bluish and on the cool side. It really is a matter of preference though but for me wedding photographs are more golden, yellowy tones. Here is my humble offering.

                    Sincerely Syd
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                      Hi Syd.

                      Thank you for you kind comments. Glad you liked it.
                      Your picture looks great too. There is a little bit of the oval left on the dress, but apart from that, the rest is very well done.

                      Your picture is looking good. There is a cyan cast on the lower part of the dress, but that’s easy corrected.



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                        i thought ken fournelle's was an excellent job also.



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                          I just wanted to say thank you again for all the assistance. I keep coming back to look at everyone's methods, especially when I get stumped in a section and don't know what to do next. I am almost done now and will post my final result.

                          I think it is so neat to see how one picture can be made to look so different based on the artist's interpretation of what they see. I hope that one day I will be at least half as good as you all.

                          Thank you again,



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                            Great job everybody!


                            welcome to RP!!

                            .... couldn't resist ...What a beautiful bride!!!

                            My first attachment is simply the B&A a plain restoration ...

                            In my second attachment are two different version of my restoration ... a simple grey vignette to make your Mom 'pop' out more ... and a soft, romantic pink/violet vignette...

                            Let me know if you'd like a detailed description of what I did...


                            could be my monitor, but in your restoration the shadows seem completely black ... leaving no details whatsoever in the bride's hair ...
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                              Wow Flora you did a lovely job! In your first before and after is that a created background or the restored original? I also like that you were able to get the green back in the trim.

                              I plan on offering my mom two different versions of her picture when I am done. The first choice will be as close to the original, when it was taken, as possible. It was shot in front of a grey screen and lit from behond (your first attempt and others with grey backgrounds are excellent examples for me). Some people, and I agree (my progress shot I posted is so cool I think I see icicles ), find that look a bit cool, but I want her to be able to have a copy of how she remembers that day being.

                              I then want to be able to give her a copy that has been warmed up. I love the idea of adding a vignette around the edges (any recommendations on how to do this softly are greatly appreciated), and other people have used a warmer toned background and smoothed and warmed up the skin (love this too).

                              Well I've rambled on long enough now, off to bed.



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