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    ... mine is a mix and match of different techniques used here:
    • Changed to Lab.

    • Run Gaussian Blur on a and b Channels tweaking the Blur Radius until most of the spots/discolorations had faded. (You might consider doing this on a BG duplicate + Mask since with this procedure tends to blend the colours in a way that her teeth might turn lightly pink as well ...)

    • Ctrl+A copied the L Channel, Ctrl+C pasted it as a Layer on top of the Background and duplicated the 'L-Layer'

    • Run Noise>Dust&Scratches on the duplicate tweaking Radius and Threshold until all the spots had disappeared but I still had the texture ... (in this case Radius=16; Threshold=4)

    • Applied a Black (Cover All) Layer Mask to my 'corrected L-Layer' and with a soft white Brush I painted over the spots. The Dust& Scratches + Layer Mask procedure id described in this excellent Tutorial

    • Merged Visible,
      *Ctrl+A selected the merged-corrected L-Layer,
      *Ctrl+C copied it,
      *deleted all the Layers but the Background, and making sure I was working on the Background,
      *I switched to Channels,
      *activated the L Channel and
      *Ctrl+V pasted the corrected version on it...

    • Used the Levels on a and b Channels to corrects the colours... Attachment 2 shows the immediate result after these procedures which are effective and non-distructive...

    • Switched back to RGB (the only mode where all filters and Adjustments work!).. to continue with my restoration.
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