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    Thought you might like to see this. From left to right are the original, the corrected photo, and then the re-colored photo. I used Adobe Photoshop for the corrections in #2. And the Ulead PhotoImact 6, colored pen tool to add the colorization.

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    Looks great. Can you explain a little how the colored pen tool works? I'm curious because the results look great.


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      Sure. It allows you to pick from the color palette and you set the transparency and how hard you want your edges. You are given a choice of brush shapes as well. It paints on a transparent layer that allows the original photograph to show through. Any mistakes are easily corrected. If you have one color for the face next to a color for the shirt, and the shirt color bleeds too far into the face, then you just go back over it with the face color. Unlike transparent cloning, it does not blend the colors.
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        Very interesting. Thanks for the run down. I don't have PhotoImpact so I had no idea exactly how it worked. I guess it's similar to Photoshop when you paint color on a seperate layer.


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          Yes and No - to it's being similar to Photoshop. The colors are very pastel and always transparent, though you can set the transparency higher. It is not an opaque color at all. Even a dark navy blue comes out very pastel looking. Hard to explain.


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            You can do that in Photoshop by changing the blending mode to color. That allows the image detail to show through the color. I never color in the normal mode, always in the color mode.

            I'm not putting down PhotoImpact, just my eager curiosity about other image editing programs and what features they offer. I think with all the attention paid to Photoshop, it's good to learn a few things about the other programs out there also. I also think it helps in better understanding the descriptions in the challenges too. Thanks for taking the time to teach me a few things.


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              Before - after comparison

              See this example of colorizing of old or better B/W photos.

              I made this one for enlarging to 16 x 12 inches printout from a photo of the size 6 x 4 inches.
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                That turned out great. You even got all those fine green leaves of the bouquet colored. Beautiful couple. Love her eyes.


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                  Yes Pavol - how DID you color those fine green leaves? I think I would have driven myself crazy doing that! Did you use a special trick for that?

                  Nice job. -Jeanie


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                    That is very impressive! You were able to add a lot of punch while losing only a very small amount of detail.



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                      Thanks for your posts. There's no automatic action to colorize the leaves. I got bad news - every leaf is clicked and dragged with a mouse. A couple of hours of the work.

                      And yes, her eyes are beautiful.


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                        Originally posted by Palo
                        every leaf is clicked and dragged with a mouse. A couple of hours of the work.
                        Wow! You've inspired me. I've got a very detailed photo that I have to start colorizing today. I've been procrastinating thinking that it will be impossible, but I see now that I just need to work patiently. Thanks, Jeanie


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