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#1 to match #3? Maybe?

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  • #1 to match #3? Maybe?

    Hi all, I need some help-

    I have a picture (#1) that I want to make look like a different picture (#3). So far I achieved picture #2. Can anyone help me make #2 look more like #3? I need it to look a little more silouhetted, maybe the appearance of light comming from the side with that hazy, dreamy look around her.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks -Cedwar
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    I don't know if this will help

    Isolate the girl. Duplicate and fill with black and put this layer on top covering up the original. Play with opacity of the black layer. Add a mask to introduce lighting source.

    I see the lighting in your sample as coming more from the right rear. Bringing out the details in her veil and back and casting the shadow on her face and body front.
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      Thanks to both of you-

      Swampy is a little closer to what I had in mind, though I appreciate the attempt- klassylady.

      Im looking for more of the angelic look that pic #3 has however. The girl is a bit more silhouetted than my attempt in #2, but it also has a hazy, dreamy, angelic look around her. That picture (#3) was taken near a window with a lot of light around it and it made the backgound go white, the girl go darker, and the whole picture was softer. So I want to recreate that from pic. #1, even though that was taken inside the church during the 1st communion ceremony.

      Know what I mean?



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        ... don't know if it's even close to what you had in mind ...

        I'm posting the two versions I made ...
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          hi cedwar,

          i thought i would give this a try - beautiful girl - i used your cut-out -- i don't know how much detail has been lost in the upload - is this close to what you are looking for -- went for an angelic look.

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            Thanks Flora and Makeovermagic-

            I think I was almost looking for something in between both your attempts. I like the silhouetted look of flora's (but especially the way the veil came out more see-through), but then I thought the softer look of makeovermagic's was appealing too. Can either of you tell me a little about the steps you used to get your effects?

            Thanks a lot! -cedwar


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              all i did was duplicate the girl's layer and set to multiply -- added a blank layer filled with white set to hard light at 50% opa -- then added another blank layer, painted an overlapping outline of the girl's face with white using larger soft brush, added heavy gaus blur then set layer to 70% lighten.

              i agree, Flora's veil looks much better.

              good luck with your version -- post your results.



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                This was a new one on me! I inverted and curve-boosted the veil to give it the appearance of translucency on white background.

                Used a curve to darken the girl. Then did several motion-blurred masks to prevent darkening in the areas where light is shining on her (from behind her and the right--from our perspective). Used the inverse of this same mask to add some more light.

                There's a fair dose of smudging and brushing to tweak things here and there. This was the first time I've ever done something like this, so I think this attempt looks a bit chunky and blotchy.

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                  This Picture

                  for all it's worth is only going to be a "wanna be". The photographer set the lighting and used his camera setting to capture the picture that all are attempting, but the fact remains that you're not going to get a #3 out of your #1 so your have to choose the best facsimily. Good Luck

                  I'm posting but it's my own version in reverse and my wanna be!
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                    To get that glow effect you can go to Menu> Filter> Distort> Diffuse Glow.
                    Make sure your background color swatch is white because that is going to be the color of the glow. You can use this filter to make the girl softly glow - especially the veil area. Play with the adjustments to suit your taste.

                    If you want some light behind the girl, you have to cut her out onto a separate layer fitst. Then make up a separate blank layer below this - and put a white elipse shape on this layer. Put an extremely strong gaussian blur on this elipse layer so it is totally soft and delicate. Use the opacity adjustment to make the brightness of this layer whatever you want.

                    If you want rays of light instead of a soft background glow, just paint the rays where you want them in white, then blur them like you did with the elipse. Adjust opacity to taste. You might also try several blend mode changes to see which one creates the nicest look for you.

                    To finish off the effect you are looking for - the separate layer that has the girl on it can be adjusted with the levels adjustment and it can be made as light and dark as you want.

                    Attached is a real quick version.

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