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Correcting Overexposed Images?

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  • Correcting Overexposed Images?


    Just checking to see if I am activated to this wonderful informative site.
    I am New to Photoshop 6.01 and having a very difficult time establishing a workflow system to manage Event Images in JPC taken with a Canon D30 camera. I have great difficulty correcting overexposed images
    Thank You for your assistance. Have a great day.

    Hersul (gho64)

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    Goodmorning to you and welcome aboard Hersul. For over exposure, sometimes you can make a copy of the layer and change the blend mode to multiply to achieve a darker image. However to really help you with specific areas we would need to see an image of what you are talking about.
    You can attach a file below your posts where it says Attach File and then browse you file for the image. You will need to save a copy of that image at a smaller JPG size about 100 kb to upload it.


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      Besides what Mr. Dubovsky said. When shooting digital capture, don't overexpose the images. Unlike the rule of thumb with film(up to 1 stop over. some even go more.). Digital capture is better done for exact exposure or slightly under(just like transparencies). This way you don't have to edit the image(s) every time through an image editing program(just for that purpose.....over exposed images.). You don't want to have to go through that if you have hundreds of images a day. Just let the camera software handle the processing or a plug-in for an image editing program. RAW format( if your camera has a RAW format) is the format you want to save them in. If the camera does not have that format use Tiff. Unless your a API photographer or directly going to the web, you can use jpg..... Raw and Tiff. Unlike jpeg., doesn't get stepped on. So later on if you have to use the image(s) for high end use. You have all that information in the file at the time of capture.


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        Welcome aboard! Stick around and take part in the discussions. The advice you received above is excellent in both cases.

        Uhh... John,

        I hate to be the one to tell you this, but it's *Ms.* Dubovsky! When the site was starting up, I couldn't figure out if I was talking to David, Darrin, Doug, or whoever. Then she was kind enough to introduce herself. Why can't they all be John or Ed or Mary? I guess that wouldn't work either because we have Sam(Samantha)



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          Hello Mr. L,
          I'll make a note of that. I don't know why I would only think that "DJ Dubovsky" would only be a male ?!

          Btw, a'nother photographer came over the house today and he was telling me about a service for photographers, that he uses(Proshots) that does prints(like traditional prints) from digital files. He sends the files in jpeg. format to them. He doesn't know if the jpeg.'s are compressed, as his wife does that for him(she knows A.P.S. better than he does). I take it their not compressed. She must be using 12(max) as their compressed the least. And he gets good prints from these jpeg. files he sends them. The labs I use want Tiff.format. Some want sRGB only or Adobe_rgb only format for processing. I guess they(Proshots) have their reason, maybe the color management problem? Larry, the other photographer was asking me what the difference was between sRGB and Adobe_rgb? Well....I told him(without getting to deep into it): Their both rgb files, either ones rgb numbers(lets say 10R,10G,10B) will be a neutral(black). The difference is where sRGB is like the kodak N_(natural) C_(color) film(balanced for fleshtones) and Adobe_rgb is like kodak V_(vivid) C_(color) film(more for vibrant colors).


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            They want JPG files? That's very interesting. That's the first one I've heard of requesting JPG.



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