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how to adjust one layer without adjusting ALL of them

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  • how to adjust one layer without adjusting ALL of them

    using CS2, I have an image of a wood grain sign. The wood grain is in multiple layers and under each is an outline I brushed in.
    Now... I want to lighten the wood a bit without changing the color of the outline. I tried linking the three wood tone layers together. Then do an adjustment layer. Only the outline layers also get lightened.
    Tried turning the eyeball thingy off on those. No different.
    I CAN adjust each layer without using the layer adjustment icon at the bottom of the layers by going to it in the meny BUT it's nearly impossible to remember each setting to do the exact same thing three times. AND more important, that can not be easilly edited as when you have an adjustment layer.
    Cannot merge these just yet as those outlines have to be where they are in the stack.
    I tried making a selection then do the adjustment but that doesn't work either. It still adjusts the whole image.

    Any way to ONLY adjust certain layers and not touch others????


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    I had the same problem not to long ago. See if this works for you.. If you have a mac, hold down the option key while choosing the adjustment layer (I used curves to lighten) and when the dialog window pops up click on "use Previous layer to Create Clipping Mask". When finished, dup the adjustment layer and move it above the other layer you want to adjust. Hold down your option key and click on the line between the adjustment layer and that layer. Repeat as needed. I'm sure there are other ways to do the same thing. Hope this helps.

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      Nan has pretty much hit the nail on the head, but maybe a snap shot will make it clearer.

      On the sample below, I only wanted to saturate the middle yellow layer. So I did the saturation above the yellow layer, then "clipped" it to the yellow layer below by Alt or Option clicking on the line that separates the two layers (indicated in red). You'll see the HSB adjustment layer "indent" indicating it only affects the layer directly below. You can still go back and fine tune the adjustment if you need to.
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        OH WAY COOL!!!!!!
        I LOVE these forums!
        Thanks to BOTH of you. WHO would have known to click the option key between adjustment layers. SO easy! It worked on one, then I had a bit of a problem getting the next one to adjust without further adjusting the one I just fixed. But gees this is easy. Hold option down on the line and viola!

        No red line mind you, I got some double ball icon thingy. I'll have to try this with version CS. (Still have it installed.) Same thing though. Dialog box with a place to check this layer only. COOL!

        Man I should have posted this long ago. If you only knew the fenagled ways I had to get around this. Too easy!

        (better go write this trick down now!)


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