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This photo needs help,help meee

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  • This photo needs help,help meee

    A friend of mine gave me a photo of himself and family taken in 1954. At the time he was 5 yrs old. With time and uncareful handling it turned bad. I've tried several times to clean it up,but being too new to PS 6 I need more help. Can anything be done or is it too late.
    Love to all Don Majors

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    Welcome aboard. We would be glad to help you but from your description, it's a bit hard to do. We need to know more or better yet, see the actual damage. I don't know if you tried to attach a file or not but that would help greatly.
    When you reply, you will see an area below the reply to attach a file. It needs to be no larger than 102 kb and in JPG format so you may have to resize a copy to upload.


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      Sorry I had a hard time attatching the photo. I did attatched it but it didn't show upand I tried to delete the post, but?
      I'm trying again.Thank you
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        Most of the discoloration is in the blue channel. I would replace it, maybe with a copy of the red or green channel, and then readjust your colors. The scratches and damaged areas can then be cloned over.

        This is a quick fix I did just by replacing the Blue channel.
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          Originally posted by G. Couch
          This is a quick fix I did just by replacing the Blue channel.
          Can you explain how to "replace" a channel??

          I have developed my own clumsy way of doing it, but then I lose all the color information and end up with grayscale - obviously not what I want.



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            Here is how you do that.

            Replacing a channel according to Katrin Eismann

            1. Duplicate the image – Image > Duplicate

            2. On the duplicate image change to Lab mode – Image > Mode > Lab Color

            3. On the original image activate the blue channel

            4. Now select the L channel of the Lab mode copy image (Select > Select All). With the move tool active, Shift and drag the L channel on to the original image. That will position it perfectly over the original image.

            5. This will not correct the color but the image damage will be gone. Now use an adjustment layer to correct the color as best you can and then add color as needed to finish it off.

            Hope that helps
            Last edited by DJ Dubovsky; 03-29-2002, 03:54 PM.


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              That looks great. Don can't get much better advice than that.


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                Thanks DJ!

                Margaret - With this particular image, there is not much color info to begin with, although it's hard to tell from a low res. jpg. After you replace the channel you will need to readjust the colors and much of the time, especially with an image like this one, you will have to do some colorizing.


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                  Thanks for the info - I looked up the section in Katrin's book and will play around with it.

                  I've been practicing with colorization - When I first thought of this as a business, I thought I'd leave the colorization to the folks who are good at it, but now I realize that I may not have any work unless I get good at it too LOL

                  Take care, Margaret

                  PS: how do you get the little smileys to show up in the middle of messages??


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                    There should be a little bar to the left. Just click on any as you are typeing and it will insert the code into the text.


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                      Well it must be a Mac thing, there is no bar to the side of my screen. The only place I can put a smiley is at the beginning of the message


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                        Another revelation 8D

                        I accidently found out how to do it :X

                        :I :P }

                        Just type the appropriate characters!!



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                          You'll need to have javascript installed and enabled to see the smiley controller. It should be available for your Mac via your browser's update function.
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                          Take responsibility for learning


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                            Originally posted by Doug Nelson
                            You'll need to have javascript installed and enabled to see the smiley controller. It should be available for your Mac via your browser's update function.
                            I do have javascript installed and enabled, but no smiley controller. Don't know what you mean by "update function"



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                              I found the list of currently accepted smilies, so I'm happy now

                              This has been a busy day



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