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  • I Need A Photo Tip

    Okay, I use to know how to do this but I have gone blank at the moment. I have a couple of pictures that I took at different times and I want to make them look in the same color range…like they were taken at the same time. Can anyone give me some pointers how to do this?

    Meanwhile, I am going through my books to find that article, as I know I have read it somewhere. THANKS!

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    I'm not 100% positive I understand what you're looking for, but if you want them to have the same black/white point and match the midtones, that would be the levels adjustment. Try the 3 eyedroppers.

    If you're wanting to make them less/more highkey/lowkey, I'd try a gradient map adjustment layer.

    Or perhaps I've totally misunderstood you
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      If you ever find that technique, post it because I don't think I've ever heard of that. Love to be able to add that one to my collection. Sorry I'm not much help.


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        T - I know what you mean. I have gone through every one of my books and I know I've read it somewhere, but I can't find it!!

        I think Doug has a good idea, but I sure wish I could find that article I know I have. I'm sure I've saved it someplace "safe" for when I need it.



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          Well, I did a little more searching and found this tutorial on Color Correction by Numbers. It doesn't talk about making a bunch of photos look the same, but given that it's "by numbers", this might help a little if you can use the same numbers in each photo? Hard to say...


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            I finally found the article on matching overall tone between photos...of course it was the last book I looked in (go figure). It was in PhotoShop Down & Dirty Tricks.

            The just of it is that you open up your two photos. The one that needs a tone adjustment and one that already has a tone you like. Turn the color pallet on so you can view it. Next you take the eye dropper tool and click on an area of the image that you like. Now look at the color pallet and write down the three values that appeared (RGB values). Next switch to the image you want to correct.

            Open up Curves and change channel from RGB to Red. Now move your pointer over an area in the image that needs to be adjusted similar in tone to the one you chose in the good photo. Click and hold your pointer over this area. A small circle will appear within the curves graph that shows where you can adjust red in this image. Make a mental note where the circle appeared on the graph and move your pointer there and click to add an adjustment point to the curve. Now look at the bottom of the curves window at the input and output numbers. Click and drag your adjustment point until the output number matches the number you wrote down for red.

            Follow the same procedure for the Green Channel and the Blue Channel. Click OK to lock in these changes. Both images should now be similar in tonal value.

            The results varied for me and I had to play with it for awhile before I liked the results, but I achieved a much better tonal match between the photos than what I had started with. I guess I could have also achieved this through adjusting the color balance.

            I attached my revised photo. The main thing I was trying to do was make the first plate fit in better with the rest, as in the original shot it was much cooler in tone than the other two plates.

            THANKS to all who submitted suggestions for me!

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              Glad you found what you were looking for T. (I don't have that book, so I never would have found it. )

              Thanks for posting the process. I tried it out and it definitely does take some trial and error. But, I was able to get some results that I was satisfied with. I'll have to save this one away in my "safe place."



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                "I finally found the article on matching overall tone between photos...of course it was the last book I looked in (go figure). "

                T. -- don't feel bad -- everything's USUALLY in the last place we look for it, because then we STOP looking. So glad you found it -- I'll have to try it out.