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    I'm restoring a photo that is in such bad shape that I'm having to resort to using the airbrush rather than the clone tool.

    Is there a way to "paint" texture??

    For example, there is a ladies skirt that is eaten away by mold or something. I'm having to create almost the whole skirt, but the airbush doesn't lay down any texture.

    I could select the skirt and add noise, but noise doesn't look fabric-like.

    What I'd like to do is scan a chunk of cloth and then pick up just the texture and paint it over the areas that need it.

    Does anyone know how to do this, or is this a suggestion for Adobe's next release.


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    Well, a way to 'paint' texture doesn't come immediately to mind (although some of the new PS7 brush options are amazing, I hear). But you can fill with a texture.

    Two options come to mind (might be a little unclear, I'm making this up as I type):

    1. select your texture and save it as a pattern. Select the area you want filled, make a new layer, and use pattern fill. Then use blend modes and eraser to make it fit.

    2. Similar to above, only make a new layer, fill the entire layer with texture, then use that layer as your clone tool source. Different blend modes on the clone tool might help here, too.

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