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  • My First Time

    Hello all. This is my 2nd post. I love this forum,but was affraid to get into it because of my low skills.Well I decided to try,please don't laugh.This photo of my friend and his family was presented some time ago for evaluation and I got some tips to try and added my own
    1 replace blue channel thru lab mode
    2 adjustment layers w/color balance and opacity
    3 clone dress
    4 paint arm and hand & blur
    5 new color background
    6 flatten all layers except background
    7 smart sharpen thru lab mode & convert to cmyk
    It's not the greatest, it is my first try. Please point out my mistakes. I can see a lot of them.

    God Bless America

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    I just sent a message,but the attatchment does not show up
    What did I do wrong. Are you supposed to see it in the preview ?
    Please help

    Last edited by Don Majoros; 05-04-2002, 09:42 AM.


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      Hi Don... Welcome aboard. Congratulations for taking the plunge to get involved here.

      Not to worry. I've found that folks who participate on this site are among the friendliest and most helpful I've ever encountered on the net. Once you get past this first little hurdle, you'll get lots of constructive advice.

      RE: How to get your picture included in a post...

      Notice at the bottom of the "form" used to post messages is a section labeled Attach File. This is where you specify (on your computer) the path, including the filename, of the image you want to post. Note: The image has to be in one of the formats specified and not exceed the maximum size allowed.

      You may be able modifiy your original message (click the "edit" link at the bottom) and include the path there (vs. creating a new post). If the "Attach File" box isn't available, you'll need to submit an additional post.

      A gotcha that you may have tripped on: If you "preview your post," I believe you'll need to "re-enter" the path of your image before actually posting the image.

      Take a look and see if this helps...

      Again, welcome and keep having fun.



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        Hi Don. Glad to have you an board. I think the biggest problem people have with attachments is the file size. The attachment needs to be kept at 102 KB or less. If you push the limit, and it still doesn't go through, reduce the size a little more. I know this is sometimes a pain and at times problematic, but that's life, at least for now. Good luck.



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          Hi Don. Don't worry about posting something that is not professional, as I do it all the time. This is a place for learning, and if you're replacing channels, you are far ahead of where I was when I came on to this site. BTWD, I answered your other post about attachments, if you haven't seen it.



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            Welcome aboard Don! I'm glad you've taken the leap to come out of lurking mode. Can't wait to see your photo! If you try some of the suggestions over in your other thread, I'm sure you'll figure out how to attach it. Don't worry if you post a few empty messages while trying - you won't be the first to have done that!


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              Attatchment Again

              Hi guys,
              I just went to the testing 1 2 3 forum and sent an attatchment which went thru ok. Why oh Why?
              Attached Files


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                Dons E Mail

                Sorry I couldn't reply sooner I got E mails, but the links don't work


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                  Hi Don,
                  Welcome aboard. Looks like you finally got that attach file figured out. That's really a membership hazeing. You know you're a true member if you can finally get that thing to work. I still struggle with getting the image small enough to upload.
                  Looks like an excellent job of color correction and seperating them from the background.


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                    Hey, you don't have to be afraid here. We are all learning and at all different stages of experience here. Even if some of our members skills seem advanced, you will find there are still areas that they seek help on and you may even be the one to come to the rescue. So dive in and have a good time. That's the only requirement here.


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                      Head Transplant?

                      If "Santa" isn't a special relative (or even if he is), I think I'd try to find a "Santa image" somewhere on the net and replace his head - or at least do a little facial surgery. Even in the original Santa's face looks a little out of place.

                      Very nice job on reconstructing the bottom edge and damaged areas.

                      What are you going to use for a background?


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                        Santa Face

                        My friend told me that Santa was his uncle who was always a little jolly most of the time.He thinks Santa was waring a mask by the looks of his eyes or asleep.Being a family member I'm affarid he'll have to stay.


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                          Head transplant

                          Danny I would like to do a gray drapes for a background,anyone have any sugestions on how to creat a curtain or drapes effect?


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                            You can simulate the folds of drapes using the gradient tool but there is nothing like the real thing. I would get a picture or take a picture of some draperies that you like and put them into you background. The color doesn't really matter since you can always change that anyway.


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                              Looks good to me! I think you've done a fine job. Maybe you can teach us a little about color!!



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