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    RE: Replacing Santa's head
    OK...It's a 'mask.' I thought you may have gotten a little overzealous with the clone tool! You're right... better left in!

    RE: Creating drapes
    Since my ability to create realistic looking objects, terrain, flora, etc. from scratch using programs like Photoshop, Illustrator or Painter, etc. is close to nil, I tend to surf the web looking for an image that's a reasonable facsimile of whatever I'm looking for. I'll use that as a base and then slice and dice from there. From a legal perspective this is probably OK if you're not "selling" the final result. If you are selling your wares, getting your mits on (and paying for) stock images for this purpose is the way to go.

    Here's a hack of an image from a drape manufacturer/distributor site that illustrates what can be done in about 5 minutes of surfing and 5 minutes in Photoshop. I duplicated the drape layer and spliced them together using a layer mask to make a BG wide enough to span the width of the couch.

    For even more realism one could use the Free Transform tool and squeeze and tug the drape layer until it coincided perspective-wise with the angle of the folks in the foreground.

    On the other hand some folks like to create these kinds of things from scratch and more power to 'em. Doing so ultimately results in an even better understanding of PS tools and techniques.

    Anyway...more food for thought.
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      That was very resourceful and very effective. Looks great.


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        santas head

        Hi Danny That's a great idea looks cool I also thought I could get
        shots from the sunday newspaper ads sections
        I hate to keep begging, but I would like to put some highlights
        in the dark hair of some of the people do you think if I use some light colors low opacity and blur would work? I'll try it
        Thank you and everyone for your help


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          RE: Using images from the newspaper
          I've done something similar using images from junkmail catalogs. Whatever works, right!

          RE: Hair highlights
          As noted above my "painting skills" are exceptionally limited. Given that, the way I'd approach restoring hair highlights would be to atttempt to mine them from the original image.

          Here's one approach...There are no doubt many others. Hopefully some of the more experienced retoucher / restore folks will jump in with their suggestions.


          I'd create a Levels adjustment layer above the Background layer. Then pick one of the subjects whose hair you want to highlight, e.g., "Mom." Then I'd play with the Levels "Input" sliders (I'd start with the 'middle one') to "lighten" the image to the point I could (hopefully) see some highlights in "Mom's" hair (don't worry about messing up the rest of the image).

          Once I could (literally) see sufficient hair highlights and while the Levels adjustment layer was still active, I'd invert the adjustment layer (IMAGE->ADJUST->INVERT) which has the effect of "turning it off."

          Then I'd set the foreground color to white, select the airbrush tool, set the pressure to 8%-10%, choose a soft-edged brush and start "painting" white on the adjustment layer over "Mom's" hair.

          With the airbrush set to very low pressure, you'll (hopefully) start to see highlights appear. Keep "painting" until it looks right. If you overdo it, set foreground color to black and paint over your goofs...then reset to white and try again. If necessary adjust brush size, air brush pressure, etc.

          When you're happy with "Mom," repeat the process with other members, e.g., the kid on her lap, the one to her right, etc.

          If you're really lucky, you might be able to get away with only one Levels adjustment layer for the entire image vs. one for each person in the pic. If so, lucky you. If not, it's one at a time.

          Here's an example attempting to enhance Mom's hair + the boy on her lap and the one to her right... kinda hard to see much difference at .jpg resolution, but I hope it gets the concept/point across. ("before" on the L, "after" on the R)
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