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    I just activated my website at Take a look if you have time, and relay your comments. I used websites by Verisign. They offer build your own packages at a reasonable monthly price.

    I am curious to see if having the site will increase my business.

    Thanks for any input you have to offer.

    Barbara Kessling/ccdesktop
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    I tried three times to get into your website, with no luck.



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      Try this Ed ccdesktop


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        Hi Barbara,

        Congratulations on getting your website up and running. I to had a problem getting to the site from the original link, but I was able to get to it via Gregs link.

        I think the interface looks good, and it seemed easy to get around. You may want to consider posting links to larger pictures of the examples you are using. Just a thought.

        Best of luck on bringing in some additional business.



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          hi Barbara,
          nice site! all the links are working, and the retoration/retouching work that you put up there looks great!

          - David


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            Thanks for the tip. It worked great.


            I think the site looks fantastic! There is one thing that I'll comment on, and it might not make a difference either way. You tell your prospective customer that the process is C-41, and the paper used is Konica. Although Konica might be just as good or even better than Kodak, I wonder if the general public sees it that way (would it be better to leave the brand name off?). Will there be a certain number of people who will shy away because you're using what they might think is a photographic paper of lesser quality? Kodak has spent a lot of money telling people theirs is the absolute best, and they've convinced a lot of people. I think that giving the public the information you have about deterioration is a big plus for you. Best of luck. I hope it brings more customers in for you.



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              Thanks for the kind words. I will take off the Konica name. It makes sense. I use the same service bureau all the time - and that's what they use. It just came naturally to put it in.

              The tip on links to bigger photos is a good one. I'll add that when I have time.

              You are all great support,
              Barb Kessling/ccdesktop


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                Hi Barbara!

                The site looks great...very clean, professional design. The only thing that seemed a bit confusing was the ordering process. When I click on "Orders & More", the first thing I see is a CD-ROM for Photo Frames. I thought I had clicked on the wrong page because I was expecting to see info on ordering a restoration...You might consider moving the restoration ordering info up to the top of the page. Other than that, I think the site looks fantastic!

                (Oh, your original post had a period after .com... you might want to edit your first post so that no one else gets an error when they click on it. )


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                  Hey Barbara!

                  I haven't had a chance to explore the whole site yet, but what I've seen looks great.

                  Just one technical point though...

                  Photo paper is actually processed in RA4 chemistry (C41 chemistry is for processing film...)

                  Good luck!


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                    website review

                    Thanks for the tip. I made the change to the site. I already had a hit for some business..I was surprised to get a message so quickly.

                    I appreciate your time on this!

                    Barb Kessling/ccdesktop


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                      Good catch Jak. That one slipped right past me.



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                        Originally posted by Ed_L
                        Good catch Jak. That one slipped right past me.

                        Thanks Ed! It wasn't a biggie though - I've been a lab rat for almost 20 years so it's kinda like breathing... LOL


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