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How do I unlock a .jpg file in Windows?

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  • How do I unlock a .jpg file in Windows?

    Hi People wondered if you could help,
    I am using Windows 98 and I normally work on a picture then save it, but this time I have sorted some pictures to work on in Photoshop 7 (new toy) and I have copied a few jpgs from a CD I originally cut to my Hard Drive that have never been worked on, all I want to do is adjust the colour. When I tried to save the picture, (it's automatic for me to press Ctrl + S) I got the requester that I cannot save it because the file is locked and I have to unlock it in Windows Explorer Properties. Clicking on the picture file Properties I see no way of unlocking it. I copied it to the HD by opening two windows and dragging the file from the CD but I have also copied and pasted the file and get the same requester.

    I copied them to the Hard Drive to be able to re-cut a new CD for storage
    I can save it if I choose Save As, but it increases the file size and re-samples it as well (I think) so degrading it more, I am sure I have opened a jpg worked on it and save it without re-sampling.

    So at the moment I can open the jpg file and work on it but cannot save it, any advice?

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    Well you could try this. Bring up the picture in whatever viewer program you use. Once the pic is opened up, right click and you the need to find in that window where it says "read only". Most likely that box is checked. Uncheck it. You should then be able to do with it what you want.

    In terms of the attempt at "save as", I think your file size shrunk because the compression setting was set low. The first time I did that with PS 7 it defaulted to a setting of 4 which is very low (high compression). When you do a file save as and a window comes up, look for a slider, and increase it 9 or 10.

    It is true what you said that when you resave a jpeg you do lose some image quality with each save.


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      Open Windows Explorer (right click on the start menu and select Explore)

      In the left window, find the folder where you have the images and click on it. The folder contents will show in the right window.

      Select all of the images you want to unlock.

      Right click on them and select Properties. (I do them all as a block and then only have to right click once for the entire group - Ctrl+Alt will let you choose more than one).

      Uncheck the Read Only box.

      That should unlock them puppies!!


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        You only need to hold down the Ctrl key to select additional files. As far as I know, also holding down the Alt key doesn't help, or hurt.

        FYI, while holding down the Ctrl key, you can also unselect a file you changed your mind about. i.e. while holding down the Ctrl key, file selection is a toggle: click to select, click again to unselect.



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          Thanks Gene! I've been holding down that Ctrl key for years because that's how I learned..... Nice to know I don't have to.
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