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Patchy skin problem

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  • Patchy skin problem

    Hi there, I seem to have this problem with patchy skin as attached. I have tried blurring it with gaussian blur or simply healing brushing it. However both result in rather blurry images that loses the natural skin texture. How would you guys approach images as such while keeping the skin still looking natural?
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    Re: Patchy skin problem

    That person looks cold to me and those look like goosebumps!


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      Re: Patchy skin problem

      You could try...taking the picture in a warmer house...or:
      open the image the pressCtrl-atl-tilde and copy the selection to its own layer.
      yhen blur the layer lower opacity to taste merge. Add a slight unsharpen to retain the goosebumps look. (I kept the goosebumps)

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        Re: Patchy skin problem

        ByRo's DeGrunge gives fairly good results on this image, just mind the edges, for instructions go to


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          Re: Patchy skin problem

          with curves. prevents losing skin texture.

          how it works:

          1. double click on quick mask edit in the tool box
          2. check selected areas an press okay
          3. take brush tool with 100% opacity and 70% hardness.
          4. press q and paint over dark spots
          5. press q
          6. add curve adjustmentlayer and pull curve a little bit upwards.
          7. now brush with 40% opacity over other dark spots or repeat the steps.

          regards rob
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            Re: Patchy skin problem

            Try the Dust and Scratches Filter on those goose bumps (Radius 7 and Threshold 5). Up the Radius if you want it smoother or take it down if you think it too much. As for the patches Yoolan's method will work well or just use the Dodge Tool set to 3 or 4%.

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