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Problem with TIF format colors...

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  • Problem with TIF format colors...

    Hey all,

    A friend of mine is an artist and she recently had some pictures taken of her paintings and sent them to me to put on the web for her.

    She gave me six images on a CD, made by the guy who took the pictures and they're all in TIF format.

    When i load them up in Photoshop, i get this message:

    This document's embedded color profile does not match the current CMYK working space.

    Embedded: SWOP (Coated), 20%, GCR, Medium
    Working: US. Web Coated (SWOP) v2

    How do you want to proceed?
    - Use the embedded profile (instead of the working space)
    - Convert document's colors to the working space.
    - Discard the embedded profile (don't color manage)

    ... And the colors are completely off.

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    The background should be a cream sort of color and it's more of a dull grey.

    Can anyone tell me how i can fix this?


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    Allow me to throw in my welcome to RetouchPRO!

    What version of Photoshop are you running?

    And how did you answer the question that PS posed to you about what to do re: the colorspace mismatch?



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      Source, welcome to the wonderful world of applied colour management.


      The supplied image is CMYK - and it has a ICC tag.

      You have two choices:

      i) Preserve (honour) the tag - which then gives you some sub options - to simply use the tag as is and work in that space instead of your usual CMYK, or to convert from the tag to your usual CMYK workspace.

      ii) Ignore the tag and presume some other CMYK description of the data. The CMYK numbers do not change, only the ink/stock/dot gain description will change to show you how these numbers look in a new CMYK space with no conversion. When you pick a CMYK profile for the assigned space or presumed working space that looks good and produces good LAB readouts, then this is probably the correct description of the numbers.

      So there are two (or technically three) ways to handle this file, as suggested above.

      Do this for the file with NO colour conversion or management, just open the file (either honouring the tag or ignoring the tag - it does not matter as long as you dont convert or alter the files numbers). Now, place you cursor over the background and look at the info palette and write down the CMYK numbers that make up this background colour...then post the numbers here, so that I can tell you if the files numbers actually make a buff or gray background.

      Perhaps contact the image supplier for more info.


      Stephen Marsh.


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