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  • Just a little help

    I want to touch up the little temporay flag tattoo but haven't found a way to make it blend well with the photo. There are some little portions of it missing all over and I don't like the orange color of the stripes. I just think it could look better but I can't quite find the best way to do it.
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Just a little help

    Don't know if I accomplished the task or not. Selected the flag and then used Selective Color to darken the red. I'm sure this could be done with the Hut/Sat. also.

    Using the clone tool and a small brush I tried to fill in the red areas that I could see that were missing.

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      Re: Just a little help

      I selected the flag using Quick Mask and copied it to a new layer. Then used Color Balance on the background to remove some of the red cast (moved the cyan slider to the left). Made the flag layer active and used Image->Adjustments-> Levels Auto to restore the color in the flag. This was a little strong so I dropped the opacity of this layer. I you don't like the red color, you can apply a Hue/Saturation adjustment to the red color.
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        Re: Just a little help

        Thanks to both of you. Your examples are what I was looking for. I have a better idea now of how to go about it the right way.
        The look great!


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