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  • question on avatars

    I searched FAQ's, but could not find anywhere on what steps are involved in adding a custom made avatar. Here are my questions:

    1) Are there size limitations, and what are they?
    2) Where do you upload the animated GIF image within this site, or should it be hosted on a personal webpage.

    3) Any other suggestions on how to do it would be appreciated.

    Thanks - Carl

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    Go to user CP , Edit options and go down to the last line that says avatar. Click on change avatar. You will see a place to browse your files to upload your avatar. You can also get it from a url site but I never used that.

    Here's what it says for custom avatars.
    Use custom avatar Note: the maximum size of your custom image is 50 by 50 pixels or 20000 bytes (whichever is smaller).
    You can find this here

    For animations talk to RonDon. He can better help you there.


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      Thanks for the help DJ. Well I just added one, and it seems to work, but I do not know how it works when viewing on a dial up connection.

      Thanks again - Carl


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        I'm on dial up and yer bike is morphing just fine here! It is very cool.... Vvvvrrrroooooooommmmm!

        If you're ever in a spot again where you can't find what you're looking for, the search function under Forums on the menu bar is excellent for finding obscure info too.

        When I use it, I usually select to view the results as posts, that way if what you want is buried in a thread that has a zillion posts you go right to the appropriate post and it shows you a short portion of the message so you can get an idea as to whether or not it might be what you're looking for.

        There's also a link in my sig line to all kinds of info you might find helpful...


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          Hey Carl, lookin good. Guess you didn't need help on the animating part.


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            Yes sir. Looks good from my dial up too.



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