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  • glare from glasses

    My son had his school picture taken and the glare from his glasses is awful... you can see the light in them... I know it is photographer error and we can get a retake taken... but I like this picture! Can anyone help or offer advise??
    Thank You!

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    Re: glare from glasses

    If you post a sample area perhaps someone can help.


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      Re: glare from glasses

      AHHH... I'm not sure how to upload a photo to show you...I am very new to this!! LOL


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        Re: glare from glasses

        Perhaps you will get some ideas from this (long) thread...

        The technique boils down to repairing "bad" (glare) sections by replacing them with nearby "non-glare" sections, or reversed pieces from the other lens. Depending on the nature of the image this can range from not-so-difficult to very, very difficult.

        If you're lucky and have two different poses shot more or less straight on, one can get replacement sections from one image to repair the other.


        See link below my sig. for "how to upload" info.

        Hope this gets you started. Welcome to RetouchPRO.


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