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    Although I look like a newbe I used to post quite a bit a few years ago. We moved and until a little while ago, I was in remodel &%$# so now back to the photo restoration. I had to re-register and get a new name, but anyway, here goes.

    I am scanning a bunch of my old photos and so many of them have awful color shifts. I have tried so many different ideas from many posts on this site but to no avail can I get this picture to a good coloration. I even tried to delete a channel using one of the tutorials and all I ended up with was a really pink image. I used Katrin Eismann's suggestions also, but can't get it right.

    I am scanning the photo and want to upload it to the site and see what you all think, but after reading the rules, I'm a little wary of sending it wrong. If I send the image which is 1791x1174 px. and 72 resolution and 147K, will that be acceptable? If that's ok, how do I proceed with an upload, is there a place on the site to do it?

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    Re: Uploading a photo

    Marni, welcome back. The upload limit is 100KB (200KB if you are a patron). But 100KB will do nicely to allow members to analyze your color cast problem. At 72 DPI you should size your image to approx 6 x 9 inches or approx 400 x 600 pixels. Then do a File>Save As and when the dialog box comes up choose the highest possible number for jpg quality (1 to 12) which will still allow the file to fall below the 100K limit. Below the text box where you entered your post there is a button called Manage Attachments. Click it and direct the browse button to where your image is stored. Click upload, then close the window and hit the Submit button.
    Regards, Murray


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