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  • Error Problem

    This is a screen shot of what I get now every time I optimize to web. Anyone familiar?

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    Re: Error Problem

    Try this one.


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      Re: Error Problem

      The following is based on a google search of: photoshop "assertion has failed"


      a. Did this problem just recently start happening, i.e., you used to do this without error?

      b. Photoshop or ImageReady? What version?


      Note... this thread a couple years old an mucking wih one's registry can be hazardous to your PC's health if you don't know what you're doing.


      If images are not RGB, that might be it per:



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        Re: Error Problem

        No, it's worked for years until last night. Let me go into regedit and check things out. I'll let you know.



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          Re: Error Problem

          Backup your registry...


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            Re: Error Problem

            I found this:

            This problem is due to the Save for Web preferences becoming corrupted.

            Delete the Safe For Web Preferences by holding down CTRL+ALT whilst clicking on File>Save for Web.

            (the Save foe Web preference file is saved at:

            C:\Documents and Settings\~username\Application Data\Adobe\Save for Web\8.0\

            if you wish to delete manually)
            Hope this helps


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              Re: Error Problem

              Thanks for all your help guys. It was in my registry, found and fixed. For some reason I had it in my head it was a scratch disk problem.
              Thanks again,


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